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12 Choosing the ushers – Jenny’s Wedding Diary

Written by    Last updated: September 3, 2006

So how do you ‘Ush?’ That’s what the lads wanted to know when we asked them to do the job. My brother, Matt, and Paul’s best mate, John, were always going to be our first choices for the ushers. They’re close to us both, and they get on really well with each other, so it was a great idea to let them run the show.

We asked them in the pub one day, and they were both ready to do it… we did have to sit down with them before the day, though, and let them know what their duties would be ‐ and there were quite a few!

This is why it’s so important that you pick someone very reliable for your ushers. We needed to be sure that they’d oversee all the little tasks on the day, so that we wouldn’t have to worry.

Also, make sure you choose someone close to you to do the job. They need to understand exactly why things are the way they are, and this way they’ll make sure everything is absolutely perfect for you. Luckily, as our wedding isn’t going to be too formal, and they won’t have too much to do, but they’ll be fantastic (I hope!) at sitting everyone down in the church, and making sure everything goes according to plan at the reception venue. Matt will have his mobile on (silently!) throughout the service, so if anything goes wrong at the reception venue, he’ll know about it.

But remember ‐ your ushers need to feel a bit special too, so make sure you give them a good pat on the back, and buy them a drink for their efforts!

There’s not long to go at all now! Paul and I are getting so excited. Soon I won’t be ‘Miss’ any more ‐ how weird is that?

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