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Henrietta’s Wedding

1 Spreading the word for Henrietta’s Wedding

27/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

It turns out that RT had forewarned my parents two weeks previously that he was intending to propose around the time of moving into the house, but I still wanted to tell them before anyone else. A couple of problems ‐ BT hadn’t been in yet to set up the phones, luckily we had our… read more

2 Let the preparations begin – Henrietta’s Wedding

26/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

Now that the initial euphoria has died down we’ve started to realise that we do actually have a wedding to organise ‐ I never really knew how much was involved. A friend of a friend took 9 months of work to organise her wedding ‐ sounds like a great idea to me, however RT isn’t… read more

3 So far so good – Henrietta’s Wedding

25/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

So far so good ‐ we’ve had a really fun few days sorting out things for the wedding ‐ none of it stressful. At the beginning of the week we went to see the Vicar at the church near Mum and Paul’s house ‐ we had not met him before, nor I have to admit… read more

4 Three wise men – Henrietta’s Wedding

24/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

I am happy to say I am now feeling fairly human again after a horrendous bout of flu ‐ RT was great and was fetching and carrying to my every whim ‐ which in all honesty did not prolong my bed‐ridden status tempting though it was. The other bonus was that whilst I was ill… read more

5 Meeting the family – Henrietta’s Wedding

23/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

We’ve just got back from Washington DC where we went to meet RT’s extended family ‐ there was his Grannie, Uncle, Aunt and Cousin who I’d not met before and his Dad, Step‐Mum, Brother, Sister‐in‐law and nephew ‐ quite a gathering. We had a great time, everybody is really excited about the wedding ‐ though… read more

6 Honeymoon fever – Henrietta’s Wedding

22/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

The wedding is still over a year away, but we’re already having a great time looking into honeymoons. At the moment we’re thinking that we’ll stay in Europe and have picked up brochures on Italy. We’ve found a couple of beautiful hotels that look like good honeymoon material. RT has got it in his head… read more

7 Engagement party – Henrietta’s Wedding

21/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

Yesterday saw the event of our summer ‐ our engagement party ‐ it was great. Festivities started at 1pm with the final guests leaving 12 hours later ‐ needless to say we all feel fairly tender today. The party was held at Mum and Paul’s in the garden we had about 70 people there, a… read more

8 Changing the plans – Henrietta’s Wedding

20/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

RT and I have always been adamant that we want our wedding to be more than just a day, but an occasion. I’m sure lots of other brides think like this, but what we’re doing to make it happen is start on the Friday night with the American tradition of a rehearsal dinner where all… read more

9 The excitement is building – Henrietta’s Wedding

19/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

It’s still over 11 months to go but I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about everything. My mum was down in London last night as RT was away and I was all for sorting out the invitations ‐ though she thought that might be going a bit far at this early… read more

10 Tearful goodbyes – Henrietta’s Wedding

18/09/06 • Henrietta's Wedding, Real Bride Diaries

I’ve been back just over a week now from seeing RT’s family in the US. I’ve just about got over the jet‐lag which is no bad thing as we’re off out there again next week for the wedding of Dan and Cadence (Dan is RT’s best friend and one of the Best Men) They are… read more