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Jenny’s Wedding Diary

Jenny’s diary

15/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Jenny and Paul met in their first year of uni and got together after six months. Two years later, Paul popped the question on a rather romantic cliff‐top walk in Cornwall! Jenny is 23, and a writer. She grew up in Bewdley, Worcestershire before moving to Merseyside. She now works and studies at Liverpool John… read more

1 Let planning commence – Jenny’s Wedding Diary

14/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Thoughts from the day After a morning of sampling, giggling, consulting, and giggling some more, we finally emerged from the building, laden with bags full of freebies. We “did lunch” in our favourite bar down the road, and had time to reflect. It was a shame that Paul wasn’t able to come with us. There… read more

2 first things first…the budget! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

13/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

What’s the first thing that shoots through your mind when you get engaged? Is it years of blissful happiness with your future husband? Is it the thought of changing your name and becoming a respectable “Mrs”? Of course not!… You picture yourself in the dress of your dreams, in the venue of your dreams (with,… read more

3 Its a date! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

12/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Knowing how much we had to spend on the wedding (and how long it would take us to save up! Argh!), we thought it was time to set a date. I’m afraid there was nothing romantic about our decision. I’m always hearing about people who marry on the anniversary of their first date, or on… read more

4 Super Stan! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

11/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

We’ve decided to get married in a church because we both feel more comfortable with a religious ceremony. The ceremonies offered by register offices and hotels were lovely, but they weren’t exactly what we were looking for. We felt we wanted to have something a bit more spiritual. I’ve always felt very close to St… read more

5 The magnificent seven! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

10/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Bridesmaids… time to choose. The problem was, ever since we’d got engaged I’d been trying to choose between half a dozen relatives and friends who I love very much. But who should I choose? In the end, I decided to be brave and choose all of them. I asked them one by one… just like… read more

6 The dress quest! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

09/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

So what came next…? The dress of course! I began my quest by looking for ideas on the confetti dress search. They have hundreds of different designs to look through, and it took me a whole afternoon to get through all the designs. By the end of the day, I had a good idea of… read more

7 Everybody smile! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

08/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Next, we needed to book a photographer. Many photographers are fully booked a year in advance, so we had to do something quickly. We searched online for local studios (there’s a good list here on confetti), and we also looked through the local papers. The most important thing for us was value for money. We… read more

8 An inviting challenge! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

07/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Thank goodness for the confetti guest list! Paul and I had a long list of people we wanted to invite, and thanks to the planning tools on this website, we could keep track of what was going on with them all… But first things first, we needed invites. We decided to make them ourselves, as… read more

9 Saved by the Limousine! Jenny’s Wedding Diary

06/09/06 • Jenny's Wedding Diary, Real Bride Diaries

Last year, we booked our cars for the bridesmaids, paid a deposit, and thought everything was sorted… until the car company phoned to say they had double booked, and they’d be unable to fulfil our booking. Argh! What could we do? I thought of arguing that our booking was very early, and surely it was… read more