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Rosalyn and Chris Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Chris and I had been together for 5 years (nearly 6 now) and we went to Madrid for a long weekend to celebrate. It was amazing, the weather was glorious- great after dismal October in Manchester!

We spent the time doing exactly what we wanted to do, drinking lots of coffee and wandering around art galleries during the day and soaking up the amazing nightlife with Madrillenos in the evenings. As it was our anniversary, we wanted to go for a nice meal, we never quite got around to it though as the bars were too much fun. I think he was looking for an opportunity to pop the question all the time!

The day before we came home, we were relaxing in the park outside the Royal Palace. The weather was glorious and we’d had an amazing time. Chris got down on one knee, it didn’t have quite the same effect as I was sitting on the grass, but it was the thought that counts! He pulled out the most beautiful, subtle, diamond solitaire ring. It didn’t fit but he’d got it so right style-wise. It’s so brave of a man to go out and choose what amounts to the single most important item I’ll ever own without knowing anything about what I’d want. I love it! Gorgeous. The moment was perfect, I suspected something might happen, but it was still so lovely.

It was just another sign that we’re a perfect match. After that, how could I possibly say no?

We’re planning our wedding now for next summer, at home in Torquay in a hotel with stunning views and I can’t wait. I feel so lucky to have such a perfect romantic man all to myself, forever!

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