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Sandra and Phil Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

The perfect start for us started 21 years ago 24 October 1979 when I walked into my new job and I saw Phil across the factory floor and I fell in love with instantly.
I could feel his warmth all the way across the factor floor I melted into his eyes. We started our affair on 12 January 1980.
It was our 21st anniversary a couple of weeks ago. After 21 years we are both divorced now and are starting the life we wanted all those years ago.
On my 40th Birthday we went to Tunisia and sat in the waves on a beautiful beach drinking champagne I said it was perfect and Phil said “only perfect if you will marry me” – then he handed me a ring and asked me to marry him on his knees in the sea. For something I had dreamt about for many years it still came as a surprise on the day. He took my tears to mean yes.
We are now planning to marry next year on my birthday if we can wait that long. Sometimes I wake up I can’t believe how happy I am – I feel 19 all over again. I love him just the same as the first day we met.

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