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Sara and Mark Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

We met and started going out together following a series of mad coincidences and after a rollercoaster of love, with everyone telling us to “slow down” and “you’re letting your guard down to much” and all the other pieces of advice friends and strangers give you.

Quite unexpectedly, Mark proposed at 12 on Millenium Eve, just as the fireworks started cascading over the Tyne Bridge. It felt like the thousands of people that were cheering, were cheering for us. I cried with joy (and possibly a bit too much champers) for two hours (on and off, but especially when I told Mam and Dad).As he hadn’t planned it, there was no ring, so on Valentine’s Day, he whisked me off to Venice for the weekend. On the way back to our hotel, on the first night, he stopped by a lamp post on a tiny humpbacked bridge, spanning a narrow, deserted canal and gave me a beautiful ring.We live together now and are getting married at the end of January 2001. So many things to do, but I’m glad it’s all happened so quick. If we had gone at the pace of everyone giving us advice, we wouldn’t be looking forward to our wonderful future together so soon.

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