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Sara and Matt Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

It was my 21st birthday and Matt and I had been living together for nearly a year. I was beginning to give up hope that he was ever going to ask me to marry him as we had been together since we were 16.

real engagement

It was my birthday, and, after a hard day at work, Matt told me that he was taking me out for a meal to celebrate. At around 7 o’clock Matt shouted that our taxi had arrived. I quickly finished off my make-up, slipped on my shoes and ran downstairs. As I opened the front door a huge limousine was parked on the drive with the chauffeur beckoning to me to get in. This I did, followed by Matt, armed with champagne. What a lovely birthday surprise, I thought, as I had already opened lots of lovely presents and this just topped it off… or so I thought! We were in the limo for about an hour, me having no clue where we were going when, on the slip road of the M1 motorway, Matt pulled out a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him.

I was so surprised and emotional, words cannot justify what I felt at that particular moment… obviously I said, “Yes!” We then approached Tankersley Manor and as we pulled in front of the building we were greeted by both sets of parents, who were oblivious to what had just happened and wondering why I was all puffy eyed and trembling.

That was in August 2001 and we are to planning to marry in August 2003

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