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Sarah and Alan Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 16, 2006

It was my usual yearly holiday with my parents to Malta (my Mum is Maltese and I was born there). When we checked in I noticed a group of people boarding the same flight and Alan was amongst them. I sat in the middle aisle with my parents when I heard an unusual but infectious laugh coming from my left. It was Alan talking to one of the stewards. I said to my Dad, ‘Hasn’t he got a funny laugh?!’ never thinking that I would meet him three days later. It was the last time I would ever be able to stay in Malta for a month as I would be starting my new job, fresh from college, in the new year. Alan was staying in Malta for two weeks.

We met on the 21st July 1994 at a nightclub in Malta – I was 17 and he was 22. My friend and I were dancing and decided to go and buy a drink. Within seconds Alan was beside us and asked my friend if he and his friend could buy us a drink. We agreed and headed back to where they were sitting. Alan offered me his seat and our relationship started from there. On the day he had to fly home, I convinced my parents to take me to the airport to see him off. He gave me his gold bracelet as a promise that we would see each other again.

Alan was a London boy and I was a Plymouth girl, so we kept a long distance relationship going for two years until it became unbearable. He called me one day and asked if I would like to live with him as he was looking to buy a flat. I agreed straight away and was so excited. Ten years have passed and we’re now living in a beautiful house.

Last year was our first Christmas family gathering as us being hosts and I really wanted to make a feast for all, so I went completely to town and made everything from scratch and completely stressed myself out in the process! My surprise Christmas present was an all inclusive holiday to Egypt, where I have wanted to go for years. We all gathered round the table to Alan’s request with a glass of champagne each and my Christmas card containing the holiday itinerary. Alan asked me to open my card and read the contents. I was bursting with excitement. He then said to me that I had everything that I could ever want. Being cheeky (and this being a running joke), I said no and started waving my finger in front of him. He, as usual, asked why I was doing that so to me say that I wanted an engagement ring. In return he said, ‘It’s just as well that I got you one then!’. He then handed me a polished wooden box, by which point I was trembling and was completely dumbfounded. I opened the box to see a beautiful diamond ring. I looked at Alan’s tearful face and asked him to place the ring on my finger, which he did. Our parents then made a toast to us and the rest is history. Afterwards, I found out that he went to the pub that morning for some Dutch courage, while I was preparing the food, and asked both our dad’s for their permission to marry me, which I thought was so sweet. He also chose the ring and didn’t tell anyone his plans. My dream is coming true. Alan is my soul mate and I love him with all my heart.

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