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Sarah and Andrew Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Andrew had it all planned (and I was completely in the dark!) He had phoned my Dad to ask him “an old fashioned question” and had planned a romantic weekend away – telling me that it was because I had been feeling tired and rundown.

Things, however, did not go smoothly, as on the Thursday I decided that I really wasn’t feeling very well and just wanted to spend the weekend at home in London, relaxing…so I made Andrew cancel the trip. I couldn’t understand why my Mum – who is usually nagging at me to be more careful with money – kept phoning me to tell me that she thought we should go away, and that it would do me the world of good…So Andrew thought “Well, what on earth am I supposed to do now?”.

As I lay feeling awful and sorry for myself in bed, he sneaked off under pretence of going to get me some headache pills and phoned my all-time favourite hotel – the Langham Hilton, where he booked us in for Sunday breakfast. Then he came back and said that he was taking me out for breakfast the following morning to make me feel better.

When we got to the hotel, Andrew had arranged for a lovely intimate little table by the window. When we were seated he produced a Tiffany’s bag and a card and said it was just a little pressie to make me feel better – I STILL didn’t suspect a thing!!! On opening the card I found he had written me a beautiful poem, to which the final line was the proposal and inside the Tiffany’s bag was a stunning Tiffany’s necklace. He explained that he wanted me to be able to choose my own ring, but that he wanted me to have something straight away.

I was overwhelmed completely and could barely believe it, but finally managed to stammer out a yes!! The only thing was we were so excited we could barely eat a thing!!!!!!!

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