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Sarah and Ian Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

I am marrying Sarah Cook on Saturday, 1st July 2000, but it all started when one evening about six months into our relationship, we were watching her favourite film, ‘An Officer and a Gentlemen’, I was already sure that she was the girl for me by then. At the end of the film, when Richard Gere turns up at the factory in his all white military outfit and swept the girl off her feet, she said, "You’d never do that for me!"

The next day, I got in touch with Sarah’s parents, asked for her hand in marriage, they agreed and then proceeded to hire the all-white military outfit, cap, medals, the lot!!

It was Sarah’s last day at work, before she started a new job. I turned up in the outfit, with the ring and approached her work from the back entrance. Her work colleagues spotted me and called Sarah out, she saw me and screamed/laughed all at once. I followed her to her office and popped the big question…she got her breath back and said yes !!

The only difference from the film was I didn’t have a Harley and drive off on that, instead we both got in the back of her mum’s Peugeot 409 and made tracks home…

PS I have all this on video, so no "An Officer and a Gentlemen" for us – we have the sequel!

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