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Sarah and John Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

John and I met during a drunken night at a Leicester nightclub. Having both previously studied at the university we were introduced by a mutual friend. During the course of the evening we discovered we had not only lived opposite each other for a year but also attended many of the same nights at the university whilst we were studying there – all this and we had never met!

Unfortunately we also discovered that we were now living in opposite ends of the country, me in London and John in Liverpool!
Much to my delight (and surprise) John rang a couple of days later and arranged to come down a few weeks after, and so began three months on regular jaunts up and down the motorways.

After this time it became clear that the distance was taking its toll and it was either make or break. Not wanting to give up on each other we both resigned from our jobs and moved together to Leicester on our 6 month anniversary, having found a flat but no jobs! Without verbally expressing it, many of our family and friends thought we had finally lost what little sense we both had and were expecting to pick up the pieces when it all went wrong!

Having both found good jobs and worked hard for ten months we decided on a much needed holiday. John had always dreamed of going to New York and was gob smacked when I presented him with the tickets for a weekend break!
I couldn’t help but notice the strangle bulge in his trouser pocket at we waiting to book in for the flight but tried not to get my hopes up too much that it was concealing a diamond nugget!

More joy as we discovered the airplane had been downsized and they were looking for people to go on an upgrade two hours later – my little arm couldn’t get in the air quick enough!

Excited by the prospect of being in New York, we went straight to bed once we arrived at the hotel and we up, not so bright eyed and bushy tailed, first thing in the morning. My eyes were still glued to the bulge in John’s pocket, which he was trying carefully to guard with his hand whilst I tried to contain my nerves.

So, we set off on our mammoth site seeing tour – Central Park, Greenwich, China Town, even a helicopter ride – you name it we saw it! Every time we stopped, I started getting palpitations and butterflies in my stomach thinking he was going to propose! Nothing, squat, diddly!

Finally, we went back to the hotel and got changed before going out for dinner – John virtually dragging me with exhaustion. After dinner, we decided on going up the Empire State Building, as one of my favourite films is, “An Affair to Remember”.

Little did we realise it was a bank holiday and it took us three long hours to get to the top by which point I was like the walking dead, nearly in tears with exhaustion and ready for bed – but I endured it because I thought he’d pop the question when we got to the top. What happened? Nada, zilch!

Deflated and disappointed we wound our way back to the hotel room where I prompted stripped down to my knickers and flung myself on my bed in preparation for a good night sleep.

It was at this point the romantic in John decided to ask for my hand in marriage!!! Yippee!

After enjoying our newly engaged status for the next couple of days, we flew back to England where my parents had arranged an impromptu party for us!!!

So a year on we are only two months away from moving into our first house and four months away from the wedding and I can’t wait to be his wife!!!

He has given me so much strength and support through a close call with cervical cancer and has been a rock for me the whole time.

He has his quirks but they are all part of what make him the one I love him and couldn’t imagine him not being around. Roll on 1st September!

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