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Sarah and Sean Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

Sean and I met at a Country music club in Suffolk in January 2002. He spent almost all night trying to pluck up the courage to ask me for a slow dance. I said "No thanks, I don’t do slow dances!" Apparently he was ‘gutted’ and hated me, so for the rest of the evening I tried to avoid him! Although we did make eye contact…

After that night I became obsessed with where he was everytime I went to the club and more eye contact followed. After a few months my good friend Kirsty decided that she’d heard enough of ‘Sean this and Sean that’ and went up to a mutual friend to try to get his phone number for me. I gave her my details to pass on to him.

The next day whilst out shopping, our mutual friend contacted me and said that she’d passed on my details to him and he was going to contact me over the next couple of days.

The following day I had an early start. Rather stupidly I had said that I would complete a 3.5 mile fun run! Anyway while i was out Sean had decided that he would ring me. After I had finished I’d planned to meet up with a work friend for a drink. Of course one drink led to another and it was 9pm before I knew what time it was. I rang home to ask if my dad could collect me from my friend’s place because my legs hurt. He then told me that someone had rung me.

I got home and found out that it was indeed Sean who had rang and I was to call him back before 9.30pm. Of course being female I had to discuss this with Kirsty first. I enventually rang Sean with just minutes to spare. We talked for a while and arranged to go out the following weekend.

Our first date
We had arranged to meet outside a well known store in his hometown to go for lunch. We had lunch and then went back to Sean’s place. It started to rain, which put a stop to our shopping trip. Not knowing if things were going to work out I was still very nervous but so was he. That evening we had arranged to go to a Chinese restaurant, which just happened to be his favourite – I prefer Italian. We had a very nice meal and then went out for a walk, before taking me home. Our relationship blossomed and five months later came the proposal….

The proposal
We had planned to go to the cinema and then get something from a fast food place afterwards. I started to think that something wasn’t quite right when we got off the bus at the bottom of a very steep hill. Where we were going was at the top! Sean said that he fancied a walk. He stopped and told me that he was tired and wanted a rest. At the same time he pushed me inside a restaurant doorway. Now I know why he had made such a fuss when I told him I was going to wear a pair of old jeans and an old top.

I kept thinking this is it and wondered when during the meal he would ask me. He was very nervous and kept fidgeting. He wanted to ask me just before dessert but couldn’t wait that long. After our starters had been taken away, he took me by the hand across the table and told me that he loved me very much and couldn’t imagine life without me. He then asked, "Would you do me the honour of being my wife?"

I said I thought that he would know what my answer would be. He said no. I then said no, left a slight pause and continued saying that he had got it wrong. OnceI told him again that my answer was indeed yes he was ecstatic! Needless to say that neither of us could complete our dessert.

The next day I returned home to tell my parents. Needless to say that once I told them they were shocked and surprised but they gave us their blessing.

Telling everyone
Unfortunately I had already planned to meet up with some ex work colleagues the following evening but as we hadn’t informed Sean’s parents of our intentions, I couldn’t tell them yet. They quizzed me on how life was going with Sean.
Then finally Tuesday arrived and we went to tell Sean’s parents. They were thrilled by the news and then it was down to us to inform friends and relatives.

The rest, as they say, is history…

The date is set for September 2004 and we are in the process of organising every detail.

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