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Sharon and David Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

My partner, David, had spent months deciding what new car to buy. He finally decided on February 28 2004 to purchase his dream car – a Mazda RX8. As we had been together for five years and it was a leap year, I seized the opportunity to propose to him the following day.

I arranged with the Mazda dealer to call David the following morning to say that there were some final arrangements that he needed to go back and sort out – one of which was for him to see a Mazda RX8 with a sunroof that David was undecided about. Off I went to Costco (or so David thought), I had really gone to the dealers, armed with a chocolate sports car made by Thornton’s, together with two heart-shaped chocolates engraved in icing with a ‘Y’ on one and an ‘N’ on the other.

When David arrived at the dealers with two of my children, I was hiding in the ladies loo waiting to get a call on my mobile from the salesman. When I got the call, the dealer said to me "could you bring the car round now for Mr Twigg to look at?". Out I popped, went down on one knee, presented David with the car and chocolates and said "Darling, will you marry me?". David replied "Of course I will darling, I love you with all my heart" and gave me back the chocolate heart engraved ‘Y’. At this point, the other salesmen had gathered around and they all cheered and shook both our hands. My two children were only interested in eating the chocolate car!

Our wedding is on September 18 2005. My daughter Claire is being my maid of honour, my son George is giving me away and my youngest son, Harry is being an usher. I can’t wait to be Mrs Twigg.

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