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Shelley and Ray Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

I thought I would tell you our engagement story as I’m still on cloud nine!

Once again my computer at work was playing up. Working as a PA within the NHS I relied heavily on my computer so I called the IT Support help desk to inform them of the problem, a new (and extremely sexy) voice answered the phone – Ray was his name. I informed him of the problem. Luckily for me my computer continued to go bonkers and so I spent quite a bit of time calling the help desk – every time I called I got through to Ray – we flirted a little on the phone but I was in a relationship and so it never went any further. A few months passed, it was now October and I had just broken up with my boyfriend, once again I called the helpdesk and Ray answered, we got talking and I informed him I was now single, he said that the next time he was at my work place (IT were at a different location) he would pop in so he could ‘put a face to the name’. At the start of November Ray came to my work place and took me to lunch, by the 5 November we were officially a couple.

Our relationship was intense from day one. We spent more time on the phone and in each others company than normal ‘newly dating’ couples but this just helped our relationship grow faster. It was a little sad but we couldn’t bear to be apart and I’m proud to say that is still the case. We talked about engagement and settling down and it seemed a natural progression. I pointed out my ideal engagement ring and Ray, being the show off that he is, informed me that he too would like an engagement ring so that everyone knows he’s taken. I bought Ray a gold band with 102 diamonds all the way around it and just waited.

At the end of June 2005 we went on our first holiday together, a two week break in the Canaries. I knew he had been saving for my ring and was expecting (well hoping) it would happen on holiday. On 4 July, Ray and I got a boat to a protected beach area. We climbed over a few mountains until we found a secluded beach which we had to ourselves and went about setting our towels up for the day. I was by the sea shore, admiring the view when Ray came over, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him – with the ring I had wanted. It was perfect. Every day I glance at my ring and a huge smile takes over my face, I can’t believe its really happening and I’m as in love as I am!

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