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Sonja and Jeremy Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

When I met Jeremy I was amazed at his wide variety of talents and interests. He seemed to be good at just about everything he did and did just about everything. Woodworking is one of his favourite hobbies and he’s created some incredible pieces. The day he took up jewellery making I had a feeling, and really hoped it was because he wanted to make a ring for me. He worked hard on his jewellery and was always working on something, but I wasn’t allowed to see. Christmas was getting close and I wondered if I would be getting a piece of jewellery. On Christmas Eve he presented me with a small box wrapped in red paper with a bow. I opened it to find a custom made wood box holding a beautiful necklace with a silver key pendant. In the pendant he set a row of diamonds and rubies. He said the key didn’t really mean anything, he just thought it would look nice. It did look nice, it was beautiful and I wore it around my neck every day. About a month later I was working in Los Angeles for the weekend and at the end of a long day I returned to my hotel room to find Jeremy there waiting by the door. I was so shocked and surprised I almost fainted, but was so happy! He told me he just flew out to surprise me and spend the weekend since I love being on the beach. He had planned the whole weekend and arranged with my boss for me to have a couple extra days off. I was just floating! That night we went out to eat my favourite food and went for a walk on the beach. The next day he had planned a picnic on the beach. We sat and ate our lunch, watched the waves crashing on the shore and just talked. He finally told me that he brought something for me. He pulled from his backpack the most beautiful jewellery box I’ve ever seen. It was made from the rare, birds eye maple with inlayed silver and a French polish. I couldn’t believe he had created something so beautiful for me! The jewellery box had a lock and he told me that the key I had been wearing around my neck every day since Christmas would open the box. I slowly put the key in and turned the lock and there centred in the jewellery box was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen, made completely by him! He spent many long hours and sleepless nights to finish it in time to surprise me in LA and propose to me on the beach, my favourite place in the world! I cried and then jumped up and down with joy, it was so romantic! The rest of the weekend was just as wonderful. We have been married for three months now and it just keeps getting better!

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