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Sophia and James Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 18, 2006

When I had my first proper conversation with James (my fiancée) I distinctly remember thinking, ‘I can totally imagine this man being my husband…’ For me that was unusual because I was enjoying being single, and marriage was the last thing on my mind, especially to someone that I had only spoken to a few times at the Bar we worked at!
James just totally blew me away, and from that moment on, the 26th of November 1999, I knew that he was the one, and what an amazing one!
After 3 weeks, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but James wanted to propose properly, and make it seem to our friends and family that we waited a respectable amount of time. We both were at University, so waited till that summer holiday to go on holiday to Italy, and do the deed.
James, being an impatient person, managed to wait this long, had to propose the day after we arrived. We were sight seeing in Rome and had had the most fantastic day, amazing meal, amazing sights, etc.
At about 4pm we walked back to the Trivia Fountain, and I was massaging my blistered feet, he told me to close my eyes. I thought that was going to push me in the water since we where sitting on the side, but as I opened my eyes there was the most beautiful, sparkling, diamond ring staring me in the face, and a beautiful voice said…’Will you marry me’.
I was so happy that I forgot to say yes, and just flung my arms around him, and burst into streams of tears. I calmed down a bit, and remembered that I hadn’t said yes, and he was obviously waiting. ‘Yes, yes, yes, of course’, I said, and we went off for a celebration ice cream!
The wedding is planned for Aug 2002, and I can’t wait! James is my soul mate, best friend, romantic lover, and every thing I could ever wish for. I am still pinching myself, and will be for a while.

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