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Stacey and Barry Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: July 1, 2010

Your first name?


Your partner’s first name?


Date of proposal


How old were you both when you got engaged?

I was Just 19 and Barry was almost 21

Who proposed?

Barry asked me

How did your partner (or you) propose?

We had booked a trip to Paris in the January of 2007 and we went in the June, It was our 2year anniversary of being together and Barry got down on one knee at the top of the Eiffel Tower!!

Who did you share the news of your engagement with first?

We used the telephone on level 2 of the tower to ring my Mum (who already knew and so did all my family and Barry’s as he had asked my dad for permission!)

Describe your ring.

It is a White Gold ring with a cluster of diamonds 🙂

Did you help choose the ring?

No, Barry had already picked it out so that he would have it ready.

Will your partner wear an engagement ring as well?

Yes he does.

When do you plan to marry?

Hopefully in 2014…a long engagement but it suits us just fine 🙂

What are you looking forward to the most about planning a wedding?

Going Dress shopping with my best friends 🙂

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