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Sylvia and Kevin Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 21, 2006

I was told I would be getting my birthday present at the weekend after my birthday. On the Thursday evening, I was ready for bed as I had work the next day (so I thought!) when Kevin (my partner of three years) came home from his night out with the lads as usual. He told me that I wasn’t going to work the next day and that he had arranged with my boss for me to have the day off so we could go out for the day. I was shocked but very excited. I went to bed trying to figure it all out.

In the morning Kevin said "you may want to pack a small bag as we might stay somewhere tonight". I packed a small selection of clothes and Kevin then said "take enough for two nights just in case". I was really excited as he had never done anything like this before.

We got in the car after our son went to school. I was assured that he was all sorted for the weekend, and we set off. A hour or two later we stopped at a lovely old pub for lunch when Kevin could contain himself no more. He said "there is more!! I do know where we are going as I have booked it". I was so shocked he had properly planned this weekend!

We arrived at a beautiful very old Hotel in the Cotswolds and were shown to our wonderful four poster suite.

Later that evening we went down to have our dinner in the very posh hotel restaurant. Kevin seemed really quiet and I was beginning to think he was not happy. We finished our meal and then went back to our room. After a deep and meaningful conversation Kevin got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?". I burst into tears as I was so so happy and shouted "Yes!". He then produced the ring that we had seen together many times. It wasn’t in the shop window last time we looked and I had said "we can’t get engaged now, the ring’s gone". Little did I know – he had bought it for me. It was the perfect size as he had it resized to fit me. The ring is very unusual, with two stones in the centre – one blue (for Kevin’s eyes) and one green (for my eyes) surrounded by tiny diamonds.

That was nearly four years ago and we have finally set a date for 1st October this year (it will be our 7th anniversary on our wedding day). We’re getting married in an old barn on the grounds of the pub where we had our first date and we are so happy about it all.

Whoever said that romance is dead is very wrong, I’ve got the best man in the world!

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