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Tanya and Walter Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 22, 2006

I proposed to Walt on 29 February, as the tradition goes. We hadn’t been out together or done anything really romantic for ages, as we had had a baby boy eight months earlier.

I told him about two weeks beforehand that we were having a "date" in on the Sunday.

He went out with his brothers in the afternoon so I got busy, bought some champagne and strawberries, cooked a meal, and set about placing candles and flowers around the living room. I wore a dress and put on some make-up.

I had bought a card with a picture of a rose on the front. On the inside I wrote "marry me", and put the envelope on the table by the candles.

When he got in there were two glasses of Champagne on the table – with strawberries in them too – and everything looked perfect! Our son was in bed so we had our meal and drank some Champagne and eventually I asked Walt to open his card.

I went off into the kitchen, as I was too nervous to watch him open it, and a few moments later he came in and said: "Of course I will!"

It was so romantic and I am so excited for our wedding day, which will take place in February 2005.

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