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Teresa and Andy Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 22, 2006

Andy and I had been seeing each other for six years and we’d been planning a trip to Italy for ages. We were going to drive there and tour around for about two weeks. We were so excited – it was something we both wanted to do as Andy had lived in Italy for the first three years of his life.We stayed in Turin on our first night. The following day, while we were visiting the motor museum, our car was broken into and all that was left were our clothes! We spent two hours with the Italian police and left Turin asap. We headed to Verona feeling very fed up. Once there, we set off into town to replace the toiletries that had been stolen. Andy decided that we should stay an extra day in Verona as he wanted to visit Juliet’s house (from Romeo and Juliet), so we stayed the extra day and did the tourist thing.That evening, on the way back from dinner, Andy stopped on a bridge and asked for the camera to take a picture across the river. His intention had been to kneel down for a better perspective and while he was down there, ask me to marry him. I didn’t have a clue and refused him the camera. I took the pictures and as I was about to walk off, Andy pulled me to one side, smiled and looked me in the eyes (I can still picture his face). He got down on one knee. I still had no idea what he had in mind and asked him, “What ARE you doing?”. But he produced the ring and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it!I said, “Of course I will”, knelt down with him and we hugged. Passers-by must have thought we were crazy!A while later, I asked him how come the ring wasn’t stolen from the car. He said he had it on him all the time. Just as well!Our holiday was the best.

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