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Tracey and Neil Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 22, 2006

Neil asked me to marry him on 14th August 2000 in Paphos, Cyprus. A few months before we went, we were looking in a jewellers window and he asked me if he was to buy me a ring which one would I go for? I picked an expensive one (as you do…) Then I said, "I wouldn’t expect you to pay that much for one," but he knew that was my dream ring.

When we were at the airport, Neil had his hand luggage searched and he became very flustered and red. He passed me the tickets, told me to move away and put them in my bag. When I looked back, the two ladies searching his bag were looking at me and smiling.

I thought this was really strange, little did I know that they had discovered my engagement ring in there. Neil had to tell them to open it inside the bag, so it didn’t spoil the surprise! Bless him.
A few nights later, we went for a walk along the beach and he popped the question and I immediately said, "Yes!" I mentioned shopping for a ring whilst we were on holiday, but Neil told me that he had already bought one and when he gave it to me I nearly fainted, it was perfect! We are getting married in Paphos, Cyprus next year on July 9th… I can’t wait.

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