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Vicky and Carl Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 16, 2006

We had recently bought a house together, and had not long got the computer
set up.
While waiting for Carl to come out of the shower I started to play this
Chinese game, which involves removing stones with the same picture on until
you have none left. Anyway, it’s a difficult game and it took me a long
time. By which, Carl was waiting by my side for me to finish. For once, I
actually beat the computer and a little fortune cookie came up on the
screen, which said, "You must accept the next proposal you receive".
To which Carl said, "will you marry me?" (I think the water had got into his
brain!!!!!) It really shocked both Carl and I.
After about two hours of stunned silence, I agreed to marry him.

We are getting married in 2002 and I can’t wait!!

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