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Vicky and Simon Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 22, 2006

The date was 30th April 2004 and Simon and I had been together for eleven years, although we have only managed to live in the same town for the last two. Of course our relationship has always been good, but the last two years have been by far the best.
I think my husband to be, Simon, felt that too, hence his little surprise…

We were heading back to our home town one Friday night, where we were planning to stay with my parents. When we got close to the house, I was surprised that Simon didn’t stop driving. He told me we were going on a mystery tour. When half an hour later we ended up at a riverside pub we used to visit I began to get a little wary. We went in and had a drink. He seemed nervous, and by now I was getting very suspicious!

Then Simon suggested we take a walk by the river like we used to do. We sat down at a bench and looked at the stars. As we sat, he told me that he had always thought that this bench was the most romantic place in the world to him, as many years ago we had sat there and I had said to him "I feel I can tell you anything". He explained that he had often thought about this moment, and that he couldn’t think of anywhere more romantic than this. Then he took out a little silver ring he had bought for the task and asked me to marry him.

I said yes, of course!

We went to my parent’s house and before we could even say anything, they asked why we looked so happy. It all poured out straight away! (I’ve never been able to keep anything from them!)

Now, we just can’t wait for our wedding, in August this year.

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