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Vikki and Jonathan Real Engagement Story

Written by    Last updated: August 22, 2006

I met Jonathan in the ‘Walkabout’ Australian bar in my home town of Liverpool. I knew I wasn’t after a local lad, so when Jonathan approached me and started chatting to me in the most sexy Yorkshire accent I knew I’d met someone special.

Two years later we went to Italy to visit his sister, Joanna. Jonathan suggested that we took a few days out to visit Venice which is a half hour train journey from Joanna’s house. He knew that I had always wanted to go there so I agreed.

We got to Venice and spent the whole day sight seeing the beautiful city. I did have thoughts that this would be a lovely setting for a proposal but as we hadn’t discussed it for a while nor did he have a ring (I packed all the luggage and hand luggage) I knew it was not going to happen. And it didn’t.

The next day we carried on with the sight seeing. Jonathan mentioned that he’d read about a cafe in St Marks Square that dates back to the fifteen hundreds and had some original artwork and decor and it would be nice to go and visit so I agreed.

What I did not realise that it was also quoted as being one of the most expensive places to eat and drink in Venice. When we got there and I looked at the prices and made a big fuss about how expensive it was and how we should go somewhere cheaper. So we compromised and he just ordered some drinks at the bar while I went to the loo. When I got back I had the most delicious tangerine champagne cocktail waiting for me served with olives.

When we had finished, he suggested we go for a walk round the square as the lights were lovely at night. As we walked around there was a man selling roses. Jonathan took a big handful of pink ones from the man and gave them to me and kissed me and gave me a big hug. As I hugged him I could feel him shaking. Suddenly my stomach flipped…. Venice…. St Marks Square… Ancient Cafe……Cocktails…..Roses…..I knew!

He got hold of my hand and walked us to the centre of St Marks Square. He took a deep breath and said……..

“I love you you know, you make me so happy. I could never imagine my life without you and I hope that one day you will marry me” At this point he got down on one knee and pulled out a big solitare diamond ring. I typically burst into tears and then said yes!

If you want to know how he did it…..he had hidden the ring box in some socks that he stuffed into his shoes that were in the suitcase. I remember him giving me the shoes to put in the suitcase whilst packing and he said “I’ve stuffed some socks in there to save space!”

We are getting married on 6th August 2005 and, to keep in with the tradition of where we met, we’re going to Australia for four weeks for our honeymoon.

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