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Six Secrets to a Happy Marriage

03/12/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

A happy marriage is most people’s ultimate goal in life; but is falling in love enough, and how can we make it last? Here are six trusted secrets to a happy marriage to help you keep your love alive through life’s roller coaster ride. People marry for different reasons and sometimes falling head-over-heels in love is just… read more

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Mr. & Mrs. Quiz Questions

02/03/16 • Compatibility Tests, Lifestyle & Relationships

Think you know each other inside out? Well these classic Mr. & Mrs. quiz questions will prove just how well you know each other. It’s the perfect quiz game for the stag and hen party and lots of fun! Take the quiz together or print off this page and fill in the answers in secret beforehand.… read more

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A-Z of Date Night Ideas

28/01/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

It’s not always easy thinking of fun things to do on date night so we’ve made it super easy for you! Here is a list of  alphabetised date night ideas – make it your mission to work your way through from A-Z! A is for Alfresco Spend an evening dining under the stars or sipping… read more

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What the Stars Say about Your Bride’s Wedding Plans

26/01/16 • Astrology, Lifestyle & Relationships

There are people who believe that your star sign dictates your personality and decisions; there are others who see them purely as a bit of fun. When you’re planning a wedding, you hope that there is a higher power that can provide some guidance. So take the brides date of birth and work out her… read more

Post wedding blues image courtesy of Pixabay |

5 Ways to Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

24/01/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships

When all the glitter and excitement of your big day is done and you’ve come home from your honeymoon, it’s back to reality and routine but without the wedding planning to keep you busy. Here’s how to beat the post-wedding blues and start really living the rest of your lives together. Don’t be down. You just married the… read more

Newlywed Date Ideas |

11 Newlywed Date Ideas

05/12/15 • Honeymoons & Travel, Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance, Romantic Breaks

Some couples lament that the level of romance in their relationship has taken a bit of a nosedive since their big day. It can sometimes be tricky to rekindle the romantic spark too, especially if you lead a busy life. So, whether you’re newly married or have been married for years already, we present 11… read more

Will he or won't he? |

Women Who Propose to Men

15/07/15 • Engagement, Lifestyle & Relationships

Next year is Leap Year, and according to tradition, February 29th is the perfect time for ladies to propose to their men. So should you ask for his hand in marriage or hold out for the romantic proposal from him? Here’s what to consider before going down on bended knee, with real life stories from two… read more

Top Proposals - For the Book Worm |

Top 10 Wedding Proposal Ideas

12/07/15 • Engagement, Lifestyle & Relationships

Huge congratulations, you’ve decided to put a ring on it, but now you’ve got to work out how! Well here at Confetti we love a good proposal and are here to help. We’ve come up with 10 wedding proposal ideas to ensure you come away inspired to create the perfect ‘marry me’ moment, for the love of your life!… read more


Bonding With Your Mother-in-Law To Be

05/07/15 • Lifestyle & Relationships

Whether you’ve never spent the time getting to know your other half’s mother or you simply don’t get along with her, bonding with your mother-in-law will be beneficial for everyone, especially now that you’re engaged. You are about to become family with this woman, so improving your relationship with her will not only make wedding… read more


Keeping the Love Alive!

24/06/15 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

A new relationship is always exciting as you get to know your other half. You know the feeling – that anticipation of a date, the butterflies when they call you and that passion when you first kiss! However, over time when we’re use to having them around and we’re no longer on our best behavior, couples have… read more

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