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Numerology How to read the number 1

Written by    Last updated: March 19, 2007


Each single number, 1 to 9, has been assigned certain personality traits and characteristics. In order to get an exact numerological reading you would need to go into greater depth with an expert, but here are some of the main principles to do with each number:

Single number 1

Ruler: Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Colour: Gold, yellow, and bronze
Gems: Topaz, amber, yellow diamond
Day: Sunday
Dates: 1st, 10th 19th & 28th of any month


Positive: Creative, dynamic, independent, benevolent, strongly individualistic, sense of self‐worth, freedom of spirit, protector of the weak, defender of the helpless.
Negative: Can be seen as overbearing, egotistical, bossy, obstinate, marked dislike of criticism, stubborn when thwarted, dislikes restraint of any kind.

Career: Positions of authority and leadership, administrators, company directors, military officers, sports and athletics.

Popular number ‘1’ names

For Girls For Boys
Brittany Adam
Camille Darin
Hannah Joseph
Katie Nicolas
Kimberley Zachary

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