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Choosing your engagement ring(s!)

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so they say. And who wouldn’t want to have a sparkly rock on their finger to remind them how much they are loved?

Matching Silver Rings

Traditionally the engagement ring is chosen by  the man, who spends a month’s salary on a diamond ring, before going down on one knee to pop the question. These days most men still take the plunge and propose in this way. Other couples will choose an engagement ring together. And now some ladies are bringing sexual equality to their relationships by turning the tables on their men and producing a ‘mengagement ring!’

There are many different styles of engagement ring, from the classic princess cut solitaire diamond to the coloured gem stone band of rubies or emeralds. A vintage engagement ring could be just the thing for you or a bespoke ring that you design yourself.

How to choose the right ring for your partner, and pop the question.

Whether you’re buying a ring for a male or female partner, it’s important to get an idea of what they would like, before you go out and buy what you think they might like; it would be such a shame to get it wrong. Look for clues in what they currently wear – if they already have jewellery in white gold or platinum then it’s best to go for the same metal. If they love small, understated pieces then look for something along those lines, whereas if they favour large, showy jewellery then you could be in trouble financially! If your partner currently wears a ring then a jeweller may lend you a measuring stick for you to slip their current ring onto so you can get the size exactly right. If you can’t borrow one and they don’t wear the ring everyday then borrow the ring and take it into the shop for measuring – just don’t lose it or you’ll blow your surprise! Remember if you go for an unusually shaped ring with a curve or a twist, you may have problems finding a wedding band that will sit neatly next to it. To go that one step further consider having the ring engraved with words of never‐ending love and propose at a beautiful setting or on a memorable date.

The ‘mengagement ring’, the thinking woman’s Leap Year essential.

The brilliantly named ‘mengagement ring’, or men’s engagement ring, was launched as the modern man’s essential engagement accessory, and it’s catching on fast. It’s the ideal way for a confident woman, who believes in her sexual equality with her partner, to make a memorable gesture as she proposes to her man ‐ Leap Year or otherwise. Some couples will choose to have matching engagement rings as a symbol of their togetherness, others will choose their own styles based on their personal preferences. Mengagement rings are also a sure winner for civil partnerships between two men. It’s the most obvious way for a man to show his love and commitment to his partner in the lead up to their wedding.

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