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Roles & Duties

Everyone at your wedding – from the parents of the happy couple to the page boy and guests – has a role to play. The bride and groom arrive at the ceremony separately, make their vows to each other and exchange rings before signing the marriage register. Together they attend the wedding breakfast at the reception venue, where traditionally the groom makes a speech (a modern bride could also make a speech), the cake is cut and the newly wed couple have their first dance.

Modern couples choose to observe many of the traditional conventions of marriage whilst embracing new ideas like the bride’s speech, the best woman and the bridesman.

On the Day Mother of the Bride Checklist

17/03/17 • Mother of the Bride, Roles & Duties

As the Mother of the Bride you are expected to be the calm in the storm on the morning of your daughter’s big day. Don’t forget how important you also are, and that goes for the Mother of the Groom too. Here’s what to remember on the big day. The Mother of the Bride is the best person to take charge of events at home helping to make… read more

Dapper and helpful are two qualities of the perfect usher. |

What Does An Usher Do, Exactly?

16/01/17 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

No matter how excited, or cool, calm and collected the groom may say he is, he’ll undoubtedly be a little nervous and will need the moral support of his nearest and dearest friends. Whether you’re family or lifelong friends, if you’re chosen to be one of your mate’s groomsmen, you’ve been honoured with a big… read more

Groom and Best Man Waiting at Church

Being the Best Man

09/01/17 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

The best man is one of the key figures in the bridal party, and his responsibilities encompass far more than just presenting the wedding rings when prompted. As best man, you need to be an organiser, entertainer, trouble‐shooter and a good friend. Here’s what’s in the job description and how to be the best man for the job. It… read more

Bride and Bridesmaid At Top Table

The Chief Bridesmaid: A Guide

23/12/16 • Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties

It is a privilege to be asked by your best friend to be the chief bridesmaid. It’s also an honour you don’t get charged with every day and can be a daunting task. Here’s my guide for anxious bridesmaids. As a chief bridesmaid, the bride is trusting you to help her with her wedding planning and… read more

Elena STYLE 910132 by Theia Couture |

The Roles and Duties of the Maid of Honour

18/08/16 • Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties

You’ll have to choose your maid of honour carefully; it’s a huge responsibility and there are quite a few qualities she needs to have to make her the perfect choice. She’ll need to be a good listener and advisor; she’ll need to be organised and willing to help; she’ll need to be able to take… read more

Glass Jewellery Box |

Gifts for Mothers of the Bride and Groom

24/06/16 • Bridal Party Gifts, Mother of the Bride, Parent of the Groom, Rings & Jewellery, Wedding Planning

Personalised jewellery and keepsakes make gorgeous gifts for mothers of the bride and groom. Stylish and casual accessories and minimalist but no less elegant tag pendants. As solitary charms, bracelets, or necklaces, these pendants come in rose gold, matte gold, and silver finishes. Contemporary and understated, they go with any outfit and can be worn anywhere. Have… read more

Flower Girls, Ring Bearers and Child Attendants

17/05/16 • Roles & Duties

Flower girls, ring bearers and child attendants are all ways to get your young guests involved in the wedding, but what is it that the kids do? Make sure that your cutest guests are ready for their roles on the big day. Flower Girls These adorable little princesses tend to be 4-8 years old and this… read more

The ceremony at Fernanda and Toby's real wedding |

Your Schedule on the Big Day

30/04/16 • Bride, Roles & Duties

After months of planning, your wedding day has finally arrived. Here’s a guide to your schedule on the big day and what to expect so you can plan your routine in advance, calm any nerves and enjoy the preparation for the happiest day of your life. Delivery of the flowers The morning is likely to… read more

The Ushers - Choosing Your Men |

Choosing Your Men

27/04/16 • Groom, Roles & Duties

You and your partner have planned the perfect wedding, but you will be too busy getting married to ensure that every minor detail is handled. So you need to create a dream team to handle that kind of stuff. Well this article will help with choosing your men. Best Man The best man is your… read more

The Venue - What the Groom Pays For

What the Groom Pays For

22/04/16 • Finance & Legal, Groom, Roles & Duties

Many modern day couples live together before they get married and some have a joint bank account. This means that the wedding costs are usually split 50-50 or just paid entirely from a joint account. After watching Don’t Tell the Bride however, there are some things that your future husband should not be involved in!… read more