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Ushers and Best Man

The best man, along with the ushers, helps the guests to their seats before the ceremony. He is also responsible for organising the stag do and bringing the groom with him to the ceremony, along with the rings that the bride and groom will exchange as they make their vows. The best man also makes a light hearted speech at the reception about the groom and the stag do.

If you need help with creating your best man speech, try out our handy tool.

Dapper and helpful are two qualities of the perfect usher. |

What Does An Usher Do, Exactly?

16/01/17 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

No matter how excited, or cool, calm and collected the groom may say he is, he’ll undoubtedly be a little nervous and will need the moral support of his nearest and dearest friends. Whether you’re family or lifelong friends, if you’re chosen to be one of your mate’s groomsmen, you’ve been honoured with a big… read more

Groom and Best Man Waiting at Church

Being the Best Man

09/01/17 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

The best man is one of the key figures in the bridal party, and his responsibilities encompass far more than just presenting the wedding rings when prompted. As best man, you need to be an organiser, entertainer, trouble‐shooter and a good friend. Here’s what’s in the job description and how to be the best man for the job. It… read more

How to Choose the Best Man for the Job

25/10/15 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

The best man should be dependable and responsible; he is after all tasked with making sure the groom gets to the wedding on time, in charge of the ring, the ushers, organising the stag do and the best man’s speech. When it comes to how to choose the best man, it’s down the groom. Usually… read more

Stag Ideas |

The Best Man’s Guide to Wedding Planning

06/03/15 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

The best man’s job starts well before the stag night, and his tasks are many and varied. A great best man is there throughout the wedding planning as a key supporter to the groom, doing all he can to make his life easier. Read on for the best man’s guide to wedding planning! Above, Crystal and… read more

10 Things To Have The Best Man Do

05/03/15 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

Congratulations you’ve been asked to be the best man–and what an honour it is! You’ve been singled out amongst all the other men to be the groom’s go-to guy on the biggest day of his life. As his right-hand man you’ll have to do more than plan your speech and the stag do.  We run… read more

How to be the ultimate best man |

How to be the Ultimate Best Man

04/12/14 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

Your best mate has asked you to be the best man at his wedding, and while you’re certainly flattered, secretly you wish he’d picked someone else. The pressures of speech writing, ring guarding and whatever other things best men are supposed to do can make even the most confident feller cringe. But fear not, because… read more

Bride and Groom Laughing at Speeches

Your Best Man Speech: Funny or Flop?

31/05/14 • Best Man Speeches, Funny Speeches & Jokes, Roles & Duties, Speeches & Toasts, Ushers and Best Man, Wedding Speech Guide

Best Man speeches are notoriously funny but they can often be let down by poor structure and a serious lack of comic timing. In this practical guide, Robin Kermode, Europe’s leading communication coach, identifies what you can do to maximise your laughs to ensure your best man speech really does pack a punch! The prospect of… read more

suit top hat dinner jacket top tips tailor

Top Ten Tips to Hiring Formal Menswear

12/12/13 • Father of the Bride, For The Groom, Groom, Menswear, Ushers and Best Man

You’ll want the men looking dapper on your big day and one way you can ensure they’ll look the part is by hiring outfits for the groom, best man, ushers, and close male friends and family. Confetti presents our top ten tips for hiring menswear for a wedding. Before you decide on a menswear hire… read more

For Ushers: The Confetti Complete Guide

06/06/06 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

They want you as an usher – now what? Image from Rebecca & Peter’s real wedding So you’ve been asked to be an usher? Congratulations! You now have an important supporting role in the upcoming wedding. The great news is, your duties aren’t nearly as tasking as the best man’s! Being an usher is a… read more

Time to do the job

06/06/06 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

So what does an usher do, exactly? They are not just groom’s well suited sidekicks – they perform some important duties to ensure the day goes by smoothly. Image from Janine & Gary’s Real Wedding  Usher duties at the ceremony On the morning of the wedding the ushers will most likely have their transport already… read more