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The Ushers - Choosing Your Men |

Choosing Your Men

27/04/16 • Groom, Roles & Duties

You and your partner have planned the perfect wedding, but you will be too busy getting married to ensure that every minor detail is handled. So you need to create a dream team to handle that kind of stuff. Well this article will help with choosing your men. Best Man The best man is your… read more

The Venue - What the Groom Pays For

What the Groom Pays For

22/04/16 • Finance & Legal, Groom, Roles & Duties

Many modern day couples live together before they get married and some have a joint bank account. This means that the wedding costs are usually split 50-50 or just paid entirely from a joint account. After watching Don’t Tell the Bride however, there are some things that your future husband should not be involved in!… read more

Scrub a Dub Dub - Grooms Checklist |

On the day Groom Checklist

21/04/16 • Groom, Roles & Duties

You and your significant other have spent months planning the perfect wedding, booking the suppliers, hiring the venue and inviting your guests. So when the big day finally rolls around, you want to make sure that all your money, time and effort doesn’t go to waste. This groom checklist will make sure that your wedding… read more

11 Ways for Grooms to Help the Bride Plan the Wedding

05/04/16 • Groom, Roles & Duties

No matter how amazing the bride to be is, she will definitely have some gaps in her knowledge. One of the greatest things about having a partner is that there is someone who will always have your back and lend a hand, wedding planning is no exception. The wonderful fiancée will be tearing out her… read more

Groom's Speech

The Groom’s Speech

28/05/15 • Groom, Groom's Speeches, Roles & Duties, Speeches & Toasts

The groom’s speech is a time to give thanks, and to express how you feel on the happiest day of your life. Here’s how to write a heartfelt speech and stay calm enough to deliver it. Traditionally, the speeches come after the wedding breakfast to mark the end of the formalities and the start of the celebration. The… read more

Wedding Gifts For the Groomsmen |

Buying Wedding Gifts for the Groomsmen

10/01/15 • Groom, Roles & Duties, Wedding Gifts, Wedding Planning

There will be a few people who you may want to thank after your wedding for all the hard work they have put in to make your day as special as it can be. So today we’re looking at buying wedding gifts for the groomsmen. Above: Personalised Pen Knife Box Set | Personalised Golf Tees… read more

suit top hat dinner jacket top tips tailor

Top Ten Tips to Hiring Formal Menswear

12/12/13 • Father of the Bride, For The Groom, Groom, Menswear, Ushers and Best Man

You’ll want the men looking dapper on your big day and one way you can ensure they’ll look the part is by hiring outfits for the groom, best man, ushers, and close male friends and family. Confetti presents our top ten tips for hiring menswear for a wedding. Before you decide on a menswear hire… read more

Bride & Groom

You’re the Groom! Now What?

24/06/12 • Ask The Expert, For The Groom, Groom, Roles & Duties

You’ve done the hard bit and asked her to marry you – you even got down on one knee and she’s over the moon. And so are you, of course – over the moon and slightly worried that this is feeling like a bigger step than you’d actually thought it was going to be. Confetti… read more

Grooms Gift Giving

06/06/06 • Groom, Roles & Duties

It’s traditional for the bride and groom to present a gift to their mothers, usually flowers, during the groom’s speech. This is in the spirit of ‘thank you for… How to be present and correct at your wedding It’s traditional for the bride and groom to present a gift to their mothers ‐ usually flowers… read more

What’s expected of the Groom

06/06/06 • Groom, Roles & Duties

Once upon a time, the groom got to put his feet up while the bride’s relatives got on with organising the wedding. Nowadays, there’s the opportunity to get much more involved… Being a groom doesn’t always mean being hands‐off Once upon a time, the groom got to put his feet up while the bride’s relatives… read more