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Candle Wedding Favours

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Candle wedding favours have long been a popular option for brides and grooms. Whether personalised with traditional decoration or selected to match a specific theme, wedding favour candles are a gift that your guests are sure to enjoy.

With so much to choose from, you may immediately be drawn to the cheap. Candle wedding favours come in a range of different qualities, but take comfort in the high standards that Confetti adheres to for the sake of exceeding your expectations. You won't find our wedding favour candles just anywhere.

Confetti offers a wide variety of premium options, perfect for making a statement and impressing your guests. With seasonal wedding favour candles, a variety of novelty options, and classic designs, you may be surprised just how unique our candle wedding favours are.

Featuring numerous glass and crystal holders, our candle wedding favours can be paired with a variety of different accessories. Perfect for setting off your place settings or the décor of your tables, finding the perfect wedding favour candles to suit your taste may be easier than you think.

A popular signature product from Confetti is our wedding cake candle favours. Crafted in the classic design of a multi-tear wedding cake, these detailed candle wedding favours come in a clear gift box topped with a decorative bow. Wedding cake candle favours are just one option in a long list of themed keepsakes designed to take your concept to the next level.

If cheap candle wedding favours are all your budget allows, take comfort in our quality options fit for any price range. With the versatility in our selections, many wedding favour candles can easily be used as décor during your reception while still providing your guests with a gift to take home at the end of the night. Perhaps one of our wedding cake candle favours?

Our options are affordable, but look anything but cheap. Candle wedding favours remain a staple of the wedding scene and make a great statement. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our wedding favour candles are sure to be appreciated.

Symbolizing warmth and romance, few things compliment loving moments like the light of a glowing candle. Wedding favours may seem small, but their impact is anything but. As a gift for your guests, wedding favour candles are the perfect way to show your thanks and allow your family and friends to share in the romance of your special day.