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The speeches are the highlight of the wedding reception and a chance for the guests to sit back and be entertained.  Wedding speeches should bring tears and laughter and a good speech will do both for all the right reasons.

The Father of the Bride traditionally stands up to make a speech about the bride – what she was like as a child, and how he and his wife welcome her new husband into their family. The Groom also speaks about his bride, but of how much he loves her and of how is very grateful to her parents for bringing her up so well. The Best Man then ruins it all, often quite hilariously, with debauched stories of the stag do, to hopefully rapturous applause!

Writing and delivering a speech in front of a hundred people can be daunting but it’s also an opportunity to shine and to share your love and appreciation to all. With expert tips on writing a winning speech to using props and calming nerves, examples speeches and great wedding jokes, our guide to speeches is indispensable:

Toastmaster speeches The Man in the Red Coat

Wedding Speeches: Who Traditionally Says What?

15/01/17 • Speeches & Toasts, Wedding Speech Guide

There are no hard and fast rules but the wedding speeches and toasts traditionally follows the order of: father of the bride, groom, best man, and other toasts. It’s growing more and more popular for the brides to make a speech too. So here’s a brief run-down of the traditional order of the toasts, and… read more

Traditional Best Man Speech Format

23/12/16 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

How to ensure the traditional parts of a best man’s wedding speech are included – tick off our handy checklist of wedding speech essentials. As best man and with a (hopefully) witty, amusing, moving speech to give at the wedding, you will no doubt have already consulted our Best Man Guides to everything from choosing the best… read more

Wedding Speech from Annette and Brendan's Real Wedding | Confetti.co.uk

Non-Religious Wedding Readings

22/12/16 • Sample Wedding Speeches, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings, Wedding Speech Guide

Inspirational readings about love and marriage are one of the most popular additions to wedding ceremonies. We have put together a classic collection of some of the most beautiful non-religious wedding readings. All you have to do is choose your favourite. No matter if you’re going for a religious reading or one that’s more secular, the… read more

Bride and Bridesmaid At Top Table

How to Write a Maid of Honour Wedding Speech

18/11/16 • Other Speakers, Speeches & Toasts

We live in enlightened times. Britain has a female Prime Minister. And a Queen! Germany has both (sort of). The US almost elected a woman to be its Commander In Chief. And yet, at the majority of weddings, the speaking roles are delegated exclusively to the men. The Father of the Bride, the Groom, and… read more

Same sex gay wedding | Confetti.co.uk

How to Write a Great Same-Sex Wedding Speech

05/11/16 • Speeches & Toasts

You’ve been asked to give a speech at a friend or relative’s wedding. On the one hand, it’s an honour. A privilege. An opportunity to tell everyone how much they mean to you. On the other, and if you’re like most people, it fills you with dread. What if I’m too nervous? What if I… read more

Adaptable Speech Writing | Confetti.co.uk

The Bride’s Speech – Breaking Down the Walls of Tradition

03/10/16 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Modern wedding speeches have evolved. Brides, maids of honour and mothers of brides have disrupted the tried and tested speech formation and it’s quite simply magnificent. Expert advice for the bride’s speech from Adam Cockerham, owner of Adaptable Speechwriting. We all know the traditional wedding landscape has been dramatically shifting for a little while now. It’s… read more

Bride holding a microphone, making a bride's speech

How to Deliver a Memorable Bride’s Speech

26/05/16 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Ladies, the male-dominated microphone is a thing of the past. More and more brides are choosing to deliver their own wedding speech. Because on the most important day of your life, you have things to say and people to thank. But before you clear your throat, it’s always good to get a bit of help.… read more

Best Man Speech Advice and Tips

24/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Rose Bourke from website, The Best Best Man offers some top speech writing tips / best man speech advice. You want to give a best man’s speech that will leave people smiling and hopefully laughing along with your well thought out anecdotes. Image courtesy of Sarah Young The best speeches start by thinking about the audience and what… read more


Speech Etiquette for Weddings

23/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts, Wedding Speech Guide

The speech etiquette for weddings has changed. It’s no good referring to that tattered etiquette book from the 90s you found lurking in the bookcase, people expect different things these days. Luckily the Speechy experts have developed the ultimate modern etiquette guide. The general rule is be polite, be grateful but don’t be tied down… read more

Bride's speech courtesy Pinterest | Confetti.co.uk

Unusual Wedding Speeches

18/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Funny Speeches & Jokes, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

When it comes to making a speech, you could follow convention: tell some anecdotes and throw in a few crowd pleasing one-liners, or really push the boat out and deliver something different, entertaining, or even inspiring. Here are some ideas for unusual wedding speeches to make it memorable for all the right reasons. Song or Rap Tom Fletcher,… read more

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