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Best Man Speeches

How to make the perfect best man’s wedding speech

Trust us, it’s easy! Just follow our wedding speech guide.

If you have been chosen to be best man at a wedding, you are probably privately cursing the day you ever met the groom as you think about the horror of having to make a great speech at his wedding!

Standing up in front of a room full of people and being expected to make them laugh, sigh and maybe even shed a tear is really terrifying, but it really is a doddle to do and you’ll find everything you need, from choosing the best material for your speech, to what traditional sections to include, how to get your delivery right, what toasts to say and what props to use right here in our handy guide.

Plus there’s a whole host of sample material to help get you started and you can also consult our useful book on the best man’s speech and duties.

Good luck!

Alternatively, our best man speech creator tool can help you create your very own personalised wedding speech.

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What To Include In The Best Man Speech

10/03/17 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Here’s what to include in the best man speech, from choosing the right material to setting the tone, what you should say and perhaps more importantly what you shouldn’t say! As best man you’ll be expected to make a witty, meaningful and moving speech at the wedding. If that sounds like a tall order, worry not because we… read more

Toast Examples For Best Man Speeches

30/01/17 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

A best man’s wedding speech traditionally finishes with a toast to the bride and groom, where you encourage everyone to have a drink and wish them all the best for their future. Putting that into words is easy with these toast examples that you can adapt and use. Just remember to change the names!  Wedding Speech Toast… read more

Traditional Best Man Speech Format

23/12/16 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

How to ensure the traditional parts of a best man’s wedding speech are included – tick off our handy checklist of wedding speech essentials. As best man and with a (hopefully) witty, amusing, moving speech to give at the wedding, you will no doubt have already consulted our Best Man Guides to everything from choosing the best… read more

Malta Real Wedding by Sarah Young

Best Man Speech Advice and Tips

24/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Rose Bourke from website, The Best Best Man offers some top best man speech advice and everything you ever wanted to know about writing and delivery. Follow these tips to give a best man’s speech that goes down in history. Image courtesy of Sarah Young The best speeches start by thinking about the audience and what they… read more

Speech Etiquette for Weddings

23/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts, Wedding Speech Guide

The speech etiquette for weddings has changed. It’s no good referring to that tattered etiquette book from the 90s you found lurking in the bookcase, people expect different things these days. Luckily the Speechy experts have developed the ultimate modern etiquette guide. The general rule is be polite, be grateful but don’t be tied down… read more

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Unusual Wedding Speeches

18/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Funny Speeches & Jokes, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

When it comes to making a speech, you could follow convention: tell some anecdotes and throw in a few crowd pleasing one-liners, or really push the boat out and deliver something different, entertaining, or even inspiring. Here are some ideas for unusual wedding speeches to make it memorable for all the right reasons. Song or Rap Tom Fletcher,… read more

The Best Man Speech – How To Do It Right

17/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Let’s be clear. I am not Oliver Cromwell and I am not suggesting that we ban Christmas. Obviously, the best man speech should be funny and a degree of good-natured teasing of the groom is absolutely necessary. However, the most effective best man speeches will be original, carefully planned and accessible to the entire audience.… read more

The Worst Best Man Speech – What Not To Do

17/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

The worst kind of best man actually believes he IS the best man. He is convinced that he is the funniest, most attractive and interesting man in the room. His speech will be a collection of disconnected accounts of “laddish” excess. It will be interspersed with exhausted wedding jokes about the mother-in-law (“first time I saw… read more

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Unusual Video Wedding Speeches

04/12/15 • Best Man Speeches, Chief Bridesmaid Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Funny Speeches & Jokes, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts, Wedding Speech Guide

Leave your guests speechless with these creative ideas for unusual wedding speeches and turn your wedding reception from predictable to truly legendary. 1. The song Tom Fletcher (above), the lead singer of boy band, McFly did it, complete with a backing choir of school children, and if you can sing karaoke, then you can do it… read more

Best Man Speech

What To Avoid In The Best Man’s Speech

13/05/15 • Best Man Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

The best man’s speech can be the highlight of the wedding reception, just make sure it’s memorable for all the right reasons! Here’s your essential list of what to avoid in the best man’s speech, and some top tips on how to make it truly legendary. Swearing Swear words are a definite no-go area. You… read more