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Bride’s Speeches

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The Bride’s Speech – Breaking Down the Walls of Tradition

03/10/16 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Modern wedding speeches have evolved. Brides, maids of honour and mothers of brides have disrupted the tried and tested speech formation and it’s quite simply magnificent. Expert advice for the bride’s speech from Adam Cockerham, owner of Adaptable Speechwriting. We all know the traditional wedding landscape has been dramatically shifting for a little while now. It’s… read more

Bride holding a microphone, making a bride's speech

How to Deliver a Memorable Bride’s Speech

26/05/16 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Ladies, the male-dominated microphone is a thing of the past. More and more brides are choosing to deliver their own wedding speech. Because on the most important day of your life, you have things to say and people to thank. But before you clear your throat, it’s always good to get a bit of help.… read more

Sample Speeches for Brides

20/05/15 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Traditionally, brides don’t give speeches at the reception, but there’s no reason why you can’t! Shirk with tradition and if you feel so inclined, give your own speech on your Big Day! We know that finding the right words to express everything you feel can be difficult, especially on such an emotionally-charged day! Here are… read more

Bride's Speech

The Rise of the Bride’s Speech

21/06/14 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Groom and best men speeches are traditionally funny and tongue in cheek, but should a bride’s speech be the same? What are the issues that worry brides as they plan their speech? In this practical guide, Robin Kermode, Europe’s leading communication coach identifies how women can look to challenge the traditional wedding stereotype and deliver a truly… read more

The bride’s speech: The complete guide

15/09/06 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

The Confetti guide to making a bride’s speech including ideas of what to include and tips on staying composed! If you’re thinking of saying a few words on your big day, here’s some pointers as to what you might include in your wedding speech. It may not be traditional, but making a bride’s speech is… read more

The bride’s speech: Where to start

06/06/06 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts, Wedding Speech Guide

If you’re thinking of saying a few words on your big day, here’s some pointers as to what you might include in your wedding speech Thank everyone who’s attending, especially long‐lost friends and people who’ve travelled a long way. Thank those people who’ve supported you through the stress of preparing for the wedding. Include a… read more