Couples’ names and what they mean

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A nice touch for your wedding speech is to say something witty about what the happy couple’s names mean

Famous couples

Victoria ‐ meaning victory

Albert ‐ meaning noble and bright

Elvis ‐ originating from the name of the Irish saint, Ailbhe

Priscilla ‐ meaning ancient

Andrew ‐ meaning manly

Sarah ‐ meaning princess

Barbara ‐ meaning strange or foreign

George ‐ meaning farmer

Bill ‐ meaning desiring protection

Hilary ‐ meaning cheerful

Charles ‐ meaning man

Diana ‐ the Roman goddess of hunting and the protector of wild animals

Kurt ‐ meaning bold counsel

Courtney ‐ meaning short nose

John ‐ meaning the Lord is gracious

Cynthia ‐ meaning of Mount Cynthus

Edward ‐ meaning fortunate guardian

Wallis ‐ originating from the surname of William Wallace, Scottish patriot

Paul ‐ meaning small

Heather ‐ meaning a flowering plant

Other names Girls

Catherine ‐ meaning pure

Gemma ‐ meaning gem

Georgia ‐ meaning landowner

Hannah ‐ meaning God has favoured me

Imogen ‐ meaning innocent or lively

Jennifer ‐ meaning white ghost

Jocelyn ‐ meaning cheerful and sportive

Kylie ‐ meaning curled stick or boomerang

Nadine ‐ meaning hope

Melanie ‐ meaning black or dark skinned

Naomi ‐ meaning delightful and pleasant

Olivia ‐ meaning Olive

Phoebe ‐ meaning the shining one

Serina ‐ meaning calm and serene

Veronica ‐ meaning a true image


Alexander ‐ meaning helper of men

Ethan ‐ meaning firmness

Grant ‐ meaning tall and large

Henry ‐ meaning home ruler

Jerome ‐ meaning holy name

Jordan ‐ to descend or flow

Kieran ‐ meaning dark haired

Matthew ‐ meaning gift of God

Michael ‐ meaning who is like the Lord?

Nicholas ‐ meaning victory of the people

Philip ‐ meaning lover of horses

Ronan ‐ meaning little seal

Saul ‐ meaning asked for by God

Toby ‐ meaning the Lord is good

Trent ‐ meaning liable to flood

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