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Including Children in Grooms Speech

Written by    Last updated: March 25, 2013

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, if you’re looking to say something about kids from your partner’s previous relationships

 ‘I’ve always been terribly grateful to Sara’s children, Fiona and Jack. Sarah’s experience raising them has surely made her more prepared to take me on, although I do promise to clean my room and do my homework from now on.’

‘I’m delighted that my sons John and Peter and Sarah’s daughter Melanie are here to share today – and the rest of our lives – with us. They’re wonderful people.’

‘I count myself doubly lucky that the young lady over there, Tina, Geraldine’s daughter, can be with us today. It is a delight and a privilege to know her, and thank you, Tina, for all the help you’ve given us preparing for this wedding.’

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