The bride’s speech: Where to start

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If you’re thinking of saying a few words on your big day, here’s some pointers as to what you might include in your wedding speech

  • Thank everyone who’s attending, especially long‐lost friends and people who’ve travelled a long way.
  • Thank those people who’ve supported you through the stress of preparing for the wedding.
  • Include a special word about your mum, not just to thank her for her role in the wedding preparations, but to describe your relationship with her over the years.
  • If you like, you could echo the pattern of your new husband’s speech: how you met; your first impressions; things you like and didn’t like about him; how the relationship developed; your thoughts on love and marriage; a more personal message from you to him.
  • Thank your guests for all their gifts (if the groom hasn’t done so already).
  • If you are thanking other people, it might make more sense for you, rather than the groom, to thank the bridesmaids.
  • A popular American innovation is for the bride to finish with a toast to the guests.

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