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Traditional Best Man Speech Format

23rd December 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

How to ensure the traditional parts of a best man’s wedding speech are included – tick off our handy checklist of wedding speech essentials.

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As best man and with a (hopefully) witty, amusing, moving speech to give at the wedding, you will no doubt have already consulted our Best Man Guides to everything from choosing the best material for your speech, to how to get your delivery right, what toasts to say and what props to use.

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Before you finally sit down with pen and paper to write your speech (and no matter how wacky you hope your speech will be), just make sure you have read through this quick guide to all the traditional bits that you will be expected to include in your best man’s wedding speech:

  1. Introduce yourself to everyone in the room – don’t assume that everyone knows who you are just because you’ve got the job of the best man. Say who you are, and how you know the groom.

2. Thank the organisers.

3. Read out any messages from friends or family who couldn’t be there on the day.

4. Include some anecdotes or stories about the groom, it is traditional to have a bit of fun at the expense of the groom!

5. Offer some married life advice to the newlyweds, it can be serious or humorous.

6. Say a few complimentary words to and about the bride.

7. Give a mention to the bridesmaids.

8. Last, but not least, lead the guests to a congratulatory toast to the new Mr and Mrs. You can copy our suggestions of wedding toasts if you get stuck.

9. When finished, if anyone else is going to speak after you, introduce them by saying “Ladies and gentleman, I give you…”

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