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After your Wedding

Framed wedding dress by the Beautiful Frame Company |

Best Wedding Dress Storage Solutions and Travel Cases

13/03/17 • Bridalwear, Wedding Accessories

After your honeymoon, it’s time to have your wedding dress dry-cleaned and stored, perhaps for future generations to wear. Here are some of the best wedding dress storage solutions, including acid-free boxes, travel storage cases and even speciality frames. Storing Your Dress If you’re not planning to sell your dress after the wedding, you should store it in… read more

A-Z of Date Night Ideas

28/01/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

It’s not always easy thinking of fun things to do on date night so we’ve made it super easy for you! Here is a list of  alphabetised date night ideas – make it your mission to work your way through from A-Z! A is for Alfresco Spend an evening dining under the stars or sipping… read more

Post wedding blues image courtesy of Pixabay |

5 Ways to Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

24/01/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships

When all the glitter and excitement of your big day is done and you’ve come home from your honeymoon, it’s back to reality and routine but without the wedding planning to keep you busy. Here’s how to beat the post-wedding blues and start really living the rest of your lives together. Don’t be down. You just married the… read more

5 Original Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests |

5 Original Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests

12/09/15 • Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

Thank you notes are good etiquette for any wedding, so you too could post or email a mass-thank you note to your guests. But you might want to do something more—something to show them just how thankful you are that they shared in your big day! Here are 5 original ways to thank your wedding guests!… read more

A wedding report discovered that twice as many men sleep naked than women.

Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby!

14/04/15 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

Sex and weddings go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s in the notion that brides wear white to symbolise virginity and purity or whether it’s heavily hinted at when referring to notorious wedding night bedroom activities. There’s more to sex and marriage than the act of consummation, but exactly how big a role does sex play in our… read more

First Year of Marriage Bucket List

21/03/15 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds, Wedding Anniversary

After all the excitement of planning your wedding for months and then the actual day itself, it can be a shock to the system to go back to the normal routine of everyday life. There’s no reason to let the fun and romance end there though! Write yourself a marriage bucket list to ensure that you… read more

Wedding Thank You Cards Wicker Suitcase

10 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Back from Your Honeymoon

28/02/15 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds

You’ve spent the past few months in a wedding whirlwind. Once you’re back from your honeymoon, it’s time to start really living. There are, however, just a few things to sort out before your happy ever after. Honeymooning couple 1 Order Wedding Photos As soon as you get back in the door, the first thing you will… read more

Crackdown on sham marriages in UK

First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple Checklist

24/12/14 • Newlyweds, Valentine's Day

While you and your spouse will probably have spent many a Valentine’s Day loved up when you were dating or engaged, there’s something a bit more special about your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple! We’ve put together this handy checklist to help you arrange an unforgettable day your spouse will treasure!  2 Months… read more

10 Things to do Between Your Ceremony and Reception

23/12/14 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds

You spend months planning, organising and arranging your perfect W Day. You agonise over the dress, the venue, the bridal party, the cake, the caterer; you leave no stone unturned in your search for wedding day perfection. You’ll have planned both the ceremony and the reception to the nines, but we caution you: don’t get caught… read more

10 Things Brides Forget to Do After Their Ceremony

11/12/14 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Planning

Everyone will tell you saying your “I do’s” is the most important part of your day; which is true, but it’s not the only part of your day! In fact, no one ever mentions what you should do after the ceremony. This is where step in, we’ve listed the 10 things brides forget to… read more