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Bridal Advice

Six Secrets to a Happy Marriage

03/12/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

A happy marriage is most people’s ultimate goal in life; but is falling in love enough, and how can we make it last? Here are six trusted secrets to a happy marriage to help you keep your love alive through life’s roller coaster ride. People marry for different reasons and sometimes falling head-over-heels in love is just… read more

Sincerity Bridal wedding dress on bride with parasol umbrella |

The Wedding Expert on Wedding Dress Styles for Your Shape

16/08/16 • Ask The Expert, Wedding Planning

Finding the ‘one’ – the wedding dress that is so perfect for your body shape and personal style is more than just choosing a gown you love. Here’s what else to consider on wedding dress styles for your shape, with additional advice on choosing the right gown for your personal style and budget. As Confetti’s wedding… read more

Best Wedding Planning Books

07/07/16 • Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is a big deal. And when you’re wondering how to word your invitations, make a table plan or need help with your budget, you’ll find an expert’s ‘how to’ guide essential reading. Here’s our pick of the best wedding planning books, complete with real reviews on why they’re so great. The Essential DIY Wedding Planner ‘Useful and… read more

The Day Before Your Wedding |

8 Things to Avoid The Day Before Your Wedding

24/02/16 • Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

After months of planning, you want your wedding day to be perfect and for that reason there are a few things to avoid the day before your wedding! Take on board these points to avoid some easily made mistakes. Making Any Extreme Changes to Your Hair If you want to do something a little different with… read more

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7 Things Brides Really Need to Know but are Afraid to Ask

18/01/16 • Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

Are there some things you’re just not sure about, but don’t know who to ask? Embarrassing questions like how to go to the loo in a ball gown or avoid sweat patches on your big day. Don’t worry, here are answers to the 7 most common things brides really need to know and some great tried and tested… read more

Go Away Bunting |

15 Things Not to Say to the Bride

10/01/16 • Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

Some things are better left unsaid—things that will cause the bride no small level of anguish, things that will make her feel awkward, and other things that are downright rude and will show you to have all the tact of an eggplant. Make sure you don’t put a bride, a friend, in the position of… read more

Wedding Jargon Buster |

Wedding Jargon Buster

14/07/15 • Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

Stereotypes tell us most women have an idea of their dream wedding from a very young age and with that much history, they’re bound to know the lingo! But, if you find yourself planning a wedding after never having attended one, you may feel a bit inundated with all the terminology and jargon. Don’t fret,… read more

Bonding With Your Mother-in-Law To Be

05/07/15 • Lifestyle & Relationships

Whether you’ve never spent the time getting to know your other half’s mother or you simply don’t get along with her, bonding with your mother-in-law will be beneficial for everyone, especially now that you’re engaged. You are about to become family with this woman, so improving your relationship with her will not only make wedding… read more

Not Changing Your Maiden Name |

How Not to Take Your Spouse’s Name After Marriage

01/07/15 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

There are a ton of traditions surrounding weddings and marriage and top of the list is for the bride to renounce her maiden name and take on her husband’s surname. But in 2015, brides are less likely to ditch their name in favour of their husband’s. While the practice is becoming more common, it is… read more

8 Wedding Shoe Tips!

21/06/15 • Bridalwear, Shoes & Handbags

Every girl loves a new pair of shoes, especially if it’s the pair she will be wearing on the day of her wedding! Whilst the dress is usually the most exciting part of your bridal look, we believe your shoes are just as important. We take a look at 8 wedding shoe tips to ensure your shoes are… read more