Horse riding couple on Honeymoon in Greece by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

How to Make a Honeymoon in Greece Truly Special

05/12/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel

What would make your perfect honeymoon? Plenty of romance of course, but perhaps also a splash of culture, some adventure, or maybe just plenty of taking it nice and easy on gorgeous sandy beaches. If you book a honeymoon in Greece, you can have it all. Honeymoon in Greece There are over 200 inhabited Greek… read more

Tinggly Italy Honeymoon | Confett.co.uk

Inspiration for Honeymoons in Italy

07/10/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel

For a taste of La Dolce Vita, Italy makes the ultimate honeymoon destination. Every year thousands of couples choose to spend a romantic honeymoon in Italy, and it’s easy to see why. From the historic and beautiful architecture of cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice, to a diverse range of stunning landscapes – Alpine, coastal… read more

Tropical Sky wedding abroad and honeymoon in St Lucia Caribbean | Confetti.co.uk

The Perfect Caribbean Wedding and Honeymoon

17/08/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel, Travel Advice, Travel Experts, Weddings Abroad

With its stunning beaches, tropical scenery and romantic ambience, St Lucia truly epitomises the perfect Caribbean wedding and honeymoon destination. Jet-setting off for a wedding abroad is becoming ever more popular, and St Lucia is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations – especially the remarkable Rendezvous. A couple’s only all-inclusive hotel, Rendezvous provides an… read more

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5 Amazing Experiences for Your Caribbean Honeymoon

06/08/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel

With its tranquil white sand beaches fringed with palm trees, and inviting crystal clear waters, it’s not hard to see why the Caribbean has long been a favourite destination for honeymooners across the world. Comprised of some 700 islands, the Caribbean provides the perfect backdrop for couples who are looking for a sun-drenched and relaxing… read more

Elias Beach by Kanika | Confetti.co.uk

Win a Wedding Spotlight: Elias Beach Hotel by Kanika

06/07/16 • Wedding Receptions, Wedding Venues

After two stunning Win Your Wedding competitions, we’re back with another for 2016! Win your dream wedding worth over £40,000, including a beautiful honeymoon in Cyprus! Elias Beach Hotel by Kanika is once again this year’s breathtaking destination! Elias Beach Hotel is nestled by the Port of Limassol in Cyprus, surrounded by the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.… read more

Benefit Do the Hoola Skincare | Confetti.co.uk

Holiday and Honeymoon Essentials

02/06/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel

Our pick of the best holiday and honeymoon essentials around, from stylish swimsuits and suitcases to sassy skincare and sexy shades.  Skincare First on your list needs to be holiday skincare. Invest in a good quality all over sunscreen, a sensitive higher SPF sunscreen for your face and you simply can’t do without the gorgeous Hawaiian… read more

Beachcomber Seychelles couple on beach

Happy Honeymooning!

29/04/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel

It’s meant to be the trip of a lifetime, to visit places you’ve always wanted to see. Here’s a brief guide to who pays, how to plan it and when not to book a surprise honeymoon. Holiday of a lifetime Although traditionally, the groom would plan the honeymoon, most couples now simply share costs. Some romantic… read more

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UK Mini Moons

17/04/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel

While going abroad is one of the most popular options for the couple’s honeymoon, there are those who decide they want to stay at home in the UK. Not only does the UK have its own selection of beautiful honeymoon locations—they’re often cheaper too. So here are 5 perfect UK mini moons. 1) Action! The… read more

Bedouin Camp in Jordan | Confetti.co.uk

7 Amazing Places to Stay on your Honeymoon that aren’t Hotels

01/03/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel, Travel Advice

With Buy Our Honeymoon, you can create and manage a unique wedding gift list to help fund your dream honeymoon. It’s a brilliant way for your guests to be able to give you meaningful gifts that transform your honeymoon into the holiday of a lifetime. You can include absolutely anything on your gift list, from… read more

Whether you travel abroad for your wedding or your honeymoon is ultimately down to how confident you feel. | Confetti.co.uk

Should Terrorism Effect Your Wedding Plans?

08/02/16 • Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel, Travel Advice, Travel Experts, Weddings Abroad

For some, crystal seas and sun-drenched beaches present the perfect backdrop for pledging their vows to the person they love. Others plan their perfect ‘I dos’ in a romantic city like Rome or Paris, with further still opting to escape to the countryside of Mediterranean countries for their nuptials. But with the prevalence of terrorist… read more

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