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Maid of Honour

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The Roles and Duties of the Maid of Honour

18/08/16 • Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties

You’ll have to choose your maid of honour carefully; it’s a huge responsibility and there are quite a few qualities she needs to have to make her the perfect choice. She’ll need to be a good listener and advisor; she’ll need to be organised and willing to help; she’ll need to be able to take… read more

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7 Signs Your Bridesmaid is Your Best Friend

29/02/16 • Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties

You may have known her all your life; she could be your sister or your oldest school friend. She’s always been there for you, through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Now you’re getting married, and you know she won’t let you down. Here are 7 signs your bridesmaid is your best friend. 1.… read more

9 Things To Ask Your Chief Bridesmaid To Do

14/03/15 • Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties

Planning a wedding is big job, and the bride needs all the help she can get. So, the chief bridesmaid is there to work with and support her right through the wedding planning to the wedding day itself. Here are 9 things to ask your chief bridesmaid to do. Above: Joy in January – Sarah… read more