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Party Ideas

Black Cab Coffee Co |

Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

30/09/16 • Catering, Entertainment, Entertainment Services, Food, Drink & Catering

A major factor that determines the success of your wedding is the entertainment. Get this right and you can send your guests home glowing, with unforgettable memories of the fun and excitement. While the conventional disco and wedding bands are classics, don’t feel they are a necessity. Rules are made to be broken and throwing… read more

Man grilling sausages on a barbecue grill |

7 Things You Need to Throw a Last Minute Barbecue

30/03/16 • Birthday & Party, Occasions

The British isles will never be known for glorious sunshine and balmy weather (unless something seriously goes wrong with this whole Global Warming business). We will always be at the mercy of our unpredictable weather and you can pretty much guarantee that the one day you plan to throw a barbecue, it will piss it down. The… read more

Style your Valentine's Day sweetie buffet with tonnes of sweets |

How to Style an Easy Valentine’s Day Sweetie Buffet

02/02/16 • Occasions, Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! (Okay, we’ll be honest; as we’re in the wedding industry, love is in the air pretty much 365 days a year!) But there’s just something about Valentine’s Day that makes us feel even more lovey-dovey, sappy sweet. Over in America, Valentine’s Day is huge. Everybody gets involved; work mates swap… read more