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Bride and Bridesmaid At Top Table

How to Write a Maid of Honour Wedding Speech

18/11/16 • Other Speakers, Speeches & Toasts

We live in enlightened times. Britain has a female Prime Minister. And a Queen! Germany has both (sort of). The US almost elected a woman to be its Commander In Chief. And yet, at the majority of weddings, the speaking roles are delegated exclusively to the men. The Father of the Bride, the Groom, and… read more

Same sex gay wedding |

How to Write a Great Same-Sex Wedding Speech

05/11/16 • Speeches & Toasts

You’ve been asked to give a speech at a friend or relative’s wedding. On the one hand, it’s an honour. A privilege. An opportunity to tell everyone how much they mean to you. On the other, and if you’re like most people, it fills you with dread. What if I’m too nervous? What if I… read more

Bride's speech courtesy Pinterest |

Unusual Wedding Speeches

18/05/16 • Best Man Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Funny Speeches & Jokes, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

When it comes to making a speech, you could follow convention: tell some anecdotes and throw in a few crowd pleasing one-liners, or really push the boat out and deliver something different, entertaining, or even inspiring. Here are some ideas for unusual wedding speeches to make it memorable for all the right reasons. Song or Rap Tom Fletcher,… read more

Groom and father after the father of the groom speech |

The Father of the Groom Speech

27/03/16 • Parent of the Groom, Roles & Duties, Speeches & Toasts

Once upon a time, speeches at a wedding were given by the groom and a friend of the bride’s family. Then the best man joined in, followed by the father of the bride. And time stops for no man. Or woman! Inspired, perhaps, by the Swedish example, where everyone has a go, other members of… read more


Dr Seuss Wedding Readings

27/02/16 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

Many couples choose to add wedding readings to their ceremony, to break it up and add some humour or some extra romance. It can be jolly hard to find a reading that is perfect for the couple and the audience, well for Dr Seuss wedding readings I strongly recommend reading “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”, don’t… read more


Tips for a Top Notch Toast

20/02/16 • Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Writing and performing a wedding toast is incredibly hard and writing a good one can be nearly impossible. With so many people making toasts on the wedding day, as the groom it is important for you to make sure that your toast doesn’t fall flat. So here are some tips for a top notch toast.… read more

Tom Fletcher wedding speech image courtesy of Pinterest |

Unusual Video Wedding Speeches

04/12/15 • Best Man Speeches, Chief Bridesmaid Speeches, Father of the Bride Speeches, Funny Speeches & Jokes, Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts, Wedding Speech Guide

Leave your guests speechless with these creative ideas for unusual wedding speeches and turn your wedding reception from predictable to truly legendary. 1. The song Tom Fletcher (above), the lead singer of boy band, McFly did it, complete with a backing choir of school children, and if you can sing karaoke, then you can do it… read more

Groom's Speech

The Groom’s Speech

28/05/15 • Groom, Groom's Speeches, Roles & Duties, Speeches & Toasts

The groom’s speech is a time to give thanks, and to express how you feel on the happiest day of your life. Here’s how to write a heartfelt speech and stay calm enough to deliver it. Traditionally, the speeches come after the wedding breakfast to mark the end of the formalities and the start of the celebration. The… read more

Photo courtesy of Alex and Audrey's Uber Chic Real Wedding

Sample Speeches for Brides

20/05/15 • Bride's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Traditionally, brides don’t give speeches at the reception, but there’s no reason why you can’t! Shirk with tradition and if you feel so inclined, give your own speech on your Big Day! We know that finding the right words to express everything you feel can be difficult, especially on such an emotionally-charged day! Here are… read more

Father of the Bride Speech

Father of the Bride Speeches

03/05/15 • Father of the Bride, Father of the Bride Speeches, Roles & Duties, Speeches & Toasts

Father-of the-bride speeches should be memorable for all the right reasons. It can be touching or lightly humorous, and is often a combination of the two. Here’s everything you ever needed to know about the father-of-the-bride speech. Speech Tips Traditionally, the father-of-the-bride speech comes first, followed by the groom and finally the best man. The… read more

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