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first year of marriage

Ten Things to Consider in Your First Year of Marriage

27/02/17 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

The first year of marriage is a time of change. After all the planning and excitement of the big day, expectations sometimes need to be managed, as a new way of life begins. Just as you wouldn’t show up on your wedding day without all the preparations, don’t start your marriage without some planning for how the two… read more

Love and Marriage and Why Your Wedding is Just the Start

01/02/17 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

You’re happily living together and the next natural step seems to be marriage, to make your love and commitment official and legally binding. But how can you know that this relationship is ‘the one’ – a partnership for life, and the one that will endure? Love and marriage is more important than simply planning a wedding;… read more

Six Secrets to a Happy Marriage

03/12/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

A happy marriage is most people’s ultimate goal in life; but is falling in love enough, and how can we make it last? Here are six trusted secrets to a happy marriage to help you keep your love alive through life’s roller coaster ride. People marry for different reasons and sometimes falling head-over-heels in love is just… read more

A-Z of Date Night Ideas

28/01/16 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

It’s not always easy thinking of fun things to do on date night so we’ve made it super easy for you! Here is a list of  alphabetised date night ideas – make it your mission to work your way through from A-Z! A is for Alfresco Spend an evening dining under the stars or sipping… read more

Keeping the Love Alive!

24/06/15 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

A new relationship is always exciting as you get to know your other half. You know the feeling – that anticipation of a date, the butterflies when they call you and that passion when you first kiss! However, over time when we’re use to having them around and we’re no longer on our best behavior, couples have… read more

Where to Spend the First Night as Newlyweds |

Where to Stay on Your Wedding Night

26/05/15 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds

If you won’t be leaving your reception early to jet off on your honeymoon, you’ll need somewhere to stay on your first night as newlyweds. We’ll look at traditional accommodation options, give you lists of what to pack and also provide tips on how to make that first night as Mr and Mrs extra special.… read more

A wedding report discovered that twice as many men sleep naked than women.

Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby!

14/04/15 • Lifestyle & Relationships, Relationships & Romance

Sex and weddings go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s in the notion that brides wear white to symbolise virginity and purity or whether it’s heavily hinted at when referring to notorious wedding night bedroom activities. There’s more to sex and marriage than the act of consummation, but exactly how big a role does sex play in our… read more