The Best Man


How to Choose the Best Man for the Job

25/10/15 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

The best man should be dependable and responsible; he is after all tasked with making sure the groom gets to the wedding on time, in charge of the ring, the ushers, organising the stag do and the best man’s speech. When it comes to how to choose the best man, it’s down the groom. Usually… read more

10 things to have the best man to do

10 Things To Have The Best Man Do

05/03/15 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

Congratulations you’ve been asked to be the best man–and what an honour it is! You’ve been singled out amongst all the other men to be the groom’s go-to guy on the biggest day of his life. As his right-hand man you’ll have to do more than plan your speech and the stag do.  We run… read more

How to be the ultimate best man |

How to be the Ultimate Best Man

04/12/14 • Roles & Duties, Ushers and Best Man

Your best mate has asked you to be the best man at his wedding, and while you’re certainly flattered, secretly you wish he’d picked someone else. The pressures of speech writing, ring guarding and whatever other things best men are supposed to do can make even the most confident feller cringe. But fear not, because… read more

Best Man Duties

The Best Man – Your Role at the Wedding

06/06/10 • Roles & Duties

Congratulations on being asked and accepting the very important role of best man! As the groom’s right hand man, you are required to help and support him out throughout the entire process of the wedding – not just organising the stag do! Your best man duties will include being his sounding board on decisions, helping him organise… read more

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