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The Groom

Swagger & Swoon |

Swagger & Swoon: Dressing the Groom & His Merry Men

23/03/17 • For The Groom, Menswear

Winner of Best Groomswear in the UK Wedding Awards two years running, Swagger & Swoon is responsible for dressing the groom and his merry men. Their speciality is matching the groomswear to the bridesmaids’ dresses, and their colour matching service is unique in the UK. Their products have appeared in numerous wedding magazines and popular… read more

Groom's Speech

How to Thank People in the Groom’s Speech

20/02/17 • Groom's Speeches, Speeches & Toasts

Your wedding speech is all about giving thanks. If you’re having trouble finding the right words just take inspiration from, or simply adapt and use, some of these fabulous thank you lines. Just remember to change the names! Here’s how to thank people in the groom’s speech. To Thank Your New Father-in-Law ‘I just want to thank my father-in-law for his… read more

Gadget Gift Ideas For The Groom

26/04/16 • Wedding Gifts, Wedding Planning

The best kind of gift that you can give is one that has been well considered and has been chosen based on the person’s hobbies and passions. If the groom you are buying for is a gadget guru, then one of the latest and most desired contraptions on the market is sure to impress. Here we… read more

The Venue - What the Groom Pays For

What the Groom Pays For

22/04/16 • Finance & Legal, Groom, Roles & Duties

Many modern day couples live together before they get married and some have a joint bank account. This means that the wedding costs are usually split 50-50 or just paid entirely from a joint account. After watching Don’t Tell the Bride however, there are some things that your future husband should not be involved in!… read more

Scrub a Dub Dub - Grooms Checklist |

On the day Groom Checklist

21/04/16 • Groom, Roles & Duties

You and your significant other have spent months planning the perfect wedding, booking the suppliers, hiring the venue and inviting your guests. So when the big day finally rolls around, you want to make sure that all your money, time and effort doesn’t go to waste. This groom checklist will make sure that your wedding… read more

Pink Tie and Handkerchief |

The Groom Who Wore Pink

08/04/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

Your clothes should be a visual representation of who you are inside, show your wedding guests the fun, carefree side that your partner fell in love with. Show them just how different and special your wedding is, be bold, dare to be the groom who wore pink! Pink, It’s My New Obsession Recently many suit… read more

11 Ways for Grooms to Help the Bride Plan the Wedding

05/04/16 • Groom, Roles & Duties

No matter how amazing the bride to be is, she will definitely have some gaps in her knowledge. One of the greatest things about having a partner is that there is someone who will always have your back and lend a hand, wedding planning is no exception. The wonderful fiancée will be tearing out her… read more

Husband's Who Take Their Wife's Name|

Husbands Who Take Their Wife’s Name

02/04/16 • Finance & Legal, Wedding Planning

When planning a wedding there are many things that couples have to decide on, while some of these are incredibly trivial and simple there are massive choices to make. Last names can cause rather large arguments and fall outs. To give you an insight into this, here are five opinions on husbands who take their… read more

Cravats Versus Bow Ties

31/03/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

Picking out your wedding suit is incredibly important; carefully consider every aspect of your ensemble to ensure you look your best on the day. Once you’ve chosen your colour, style and fabric, it’s time to choose your neckwear. What’s it going to be? Cravats versus bow ties? Bow Ties – Just What the Doctor Ordered… read more

Mr and Mr Weddings We Love

28/03/16 • For The Groom

The amount of countries allowing same-sex marriage has been on the rise steadily since 2001, but only in 2014 was it legal in England and in 2015 it became legal in the USA. Since 2015 there has been a massive leap in the number of wonderful pictures of happy same-sex couples on the internet. So… read more