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Weddings in Africa

Getting Married in Kenya |

Getting Married in Kenya

23/05/15 • Honeymoons & Travel, Travel Advice, Travel Experts, Weddings Abroad

Kenya, an increasingly popular wedding destination for couples who wish to marry abroad, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its dramatic forests, magnificent mountains, and vast savannah plains. Read on for’s guide to getting married in Kenya! Many couples are choosing to marry abroad, and Kenya is a growing… read more

Moroccan Wedding Theme |

Moroccan Themed Wedding

29/04/15 • Inspiration, Mood Boards, Wedding Themes

Morocco is a vibrant country rich in culture, colour, embellishment and mouthwatering cuisines. For a couple that want a bold and decadent wedding that people won’t forget, a Moroccan themed wedding will provide you with just that! The Venue Where better to have a Moroccan themed wedding than in the country itself?! It is a fairly lengthy… read more