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Civil Weddings

Rustic style burlap aisle runner |

Win Your Wedding Ceremony Accessories with

22/08/16 • Ceremony Alternatives, Civil Partnerships, Civil Weddings, Multi-cultural Weddings, Religious Weddings, Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

You could win your wedding worth an incredible £40,000, including up to £1,000 worth of wedding ceremony accessories in our free to enter competition. Take your pick from aisle decorations, themed ceremony sets, cute pet accessories, brand new vow books and so much more.   Aisle Decorations A decorative backdrop and aisle runner creates an attractive dedicated… read more

Rustic Wedding Location Ideas

14/09/14 • Ceremony Alternatives, Civil Weddings, Outdoor weddings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Wedding Venues

A rustic wedding is informal, relaxed and full of natural beauty. An outdoor summer picnic or a marquee at an old country farm, pretty converted barn or local church hall all make ideal locations for a rustic or shabby chic style wedding. Here is our pick of the best rustic wedding locations close to home and… read more

Civil Ceremony at Dodmoor House

What is a Civil Ceremony?

06/01/14 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

A civil ceremony contains no religious elements or anything with religious connotation. Civil Ceremony at Dodmoor House, Claire and Conal’s Real Wedding Civil ceremonies can take place in various venues. Legally, you can get married in the UK if you are: 16 or over (or with permission from your parents or guardians if either of… read more

How do we organize the legal requirements for a civil wedding?

05/03/09 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

In order to book a civil wedding, you must first give notice of your intention to marry at your local register office, (or offices if you live in different areas), at least 15 days before the wedding. If you plan to marry in a different area, you should also contact the register office for the… read more

What will happen during the ceremony?

05/03/09 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

A civil ceremony is quite relaxed. Talk to the registrar who will be conducting the ceremony and you’ll find that you have a lot of choice in how the ceremony is conducted. On the day of your wedding, the usual structure is that the registrar will see the bride and groom to check that the… read more

Civil Ceremony at Dodmoor House

What Can We Wear To A Civil Ceremony?

05/03/09 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

Another benefit of a civil ceremony is that you can wear whatever you like, from a wedding dress and morning suit, to jeans and a T‐shirt, or even fancy dress. If you both have a particular love of Elvis‐style flares and shoulder pads for example, you can wear them with pride on the day! For… read more

Where can we hold a civil ceremony?

05/03/09 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

One reason that many couples choose to hold a civil ceremony is because there are so many fancy, beautiful, fun places to hold the ceremony! Basically, you can choose to hold a civil ceremony at any register office in England or Wales, or at any approved civil venue licensed to hold weddings under the Marriage… read more

What will we be expected to say during a civil ceremony?

05/03/09 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

A civil ceremony still contains certain statutory words and vows, which must be said to make your marriage legal, but they are fairly brief and you can add your own vows, non‐religious readings and music to personalise the service. As long as you include the legal wording from the Marriage Act, the format of the… read more

Wedding Ceremony Vows, Music, and Readings

01/10/08 • Ceremony Alternatives, Civil Partnerships, Civil Weddings, Hymns & Music, Multi-cultural Weddings, Other Articles, Religious Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Readings

Your marriage ceremony is the most important part of your wedding as it’s when you actually make your vows to one another and become legally married. And for most couples it’s no longer just a case of finding a local church with a free weekend…. Find out here what you need to know to have the… read more

How to choose civil ceremony readings

06/06/06 • Civil Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies

All the inspiration you need for choosing fabulous civil ceremony readings You don’t necessarily have to have a reading as part of a civil ceremony, but most couples usually include at least one… and the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to choosing it! Ideally you want something that explains how much… read more