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How to avoid the most common planning mistakes

Written by    Last updated: October 10, 2006

Even smart brides and grooms can make mistakes when it comes to planning their wedding. Learn how to avoid these disasters…

Planning details

Not sticking to the budget

Even though you start out with a fixed budget, it is tempting to overspend when faced with better options and with the social pressure of trying to outdo others’ weddings. Also remember that it’s important to keep a balance in the various aspects of the wedding. Don’t scrimp on food while overspending on fireworks, for instance.

Doing it all yourself

Learning to delegate is an important element to enjoying your special day. Whether you choose a wedding planner, a friend or members of your family, let others take care of details once you have decided on what you want. More than likely they’ll only be too happy to take on a role and lessen your burden.

Venues too far apart

If you are having the ceremony and reception on the same day, make sure that they are either held at the same venue or at least not more than half an hour away from each other. Giving clear travel instructions will help ensure that your guests don’t get lost and turn up late for the wedding feast.

Being late

It’s not fashionable to arrive late for your own wedding! Putting forward the time on the alarm clocks in your house by an hour, will help you arriving on time. When planning a schedule for the day’s events, allow for extra time for each part of the day. Discuss with your photographer on when and for how long you will pose for photographs, as your guests will be disappointed if you’re missing for long periods during your reception.

jewellery, accessoriesNot securing valuables

British Asian wedding homes are a prime target for burglars who are aware that there’s likely to be plenty of real jewellery and valuables lying around before and during the wedding. Make sure there is someone in the house at all times or keep the valuables securely locked up if you’re leaving your home unattended. Taking out insurance is well worth the money as it will give you peace of mind.

Wardrobe malfunction

With the amount of ornamentation that goes into a typical Asian bridal lehenga (full‐length skirt), in particular around the hem, it’s not surprising that it can cause a serious wardrobe malfunction if you haven’t secured it well at the waist. Don’t make the same mistake as the bride who made a dramatic entrance into the ceremony hall by tripping over her lehenga, which fell around her ankles! Ensure that the designer has extra braces and clasps attached to give added security.

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